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ALL my EFT Tap-A-Long Tuesday

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Hi friends! You can find all 40+ of my FREE Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping videos that I have made over the years on YouTube for what I call "Tap Tuesday" in this blog. Clear your limiting beliefs, regulate your emotions, and manifest your desires using these EFT Tap-A-Longs!

Never heard of Emotional Freedom Technique before? Learn more about this healing modality and how to start using it in THIS blog!

Are you up for a challenge? Commit to EFT Tapping EVERY DAY for 30 days! You will be SHOCKED what a month calming your nervous system, shifting your mindset, and focusing on your goals can do. (read my story here of when I took on this challenge and the crazy result I was not expecting!)

HOW TO: Simply ask your intuition every morning what topic you need to focus on and click whatever video jumps out at you. Feel free to repeat the ones you love, try a new one every day, or even create your own with our customizable EFT Tappings towards the end of this blog. As long as you get a few minutes of EFT every day you will notice a difference and I can't wait to hear about it! Make sure to comment below if you are taking on this challenge and what improved in your life because of it!


DAILY Quick Motivational Tappings

Shifting Limiting Beliefs and Fears Tappings

Manifestation Tappings

Health & Self Love

Money & Finances

Holiday Stress Series

Customizable Tappings


I hope you found this blog & EFT Tap-A-Longs helpful! Make sure to check back as more are created and added to this list!

If YOU have an idea for a Tap Tuesday, comment it below or book a Tap Through Session for 90 minutes of coaching with me & a customized EFT Tapping for you and your goals!

Happy Tapping! 💛


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