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NEW OFFER: 90 Minute EFT Tap Through Session

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>>> Stuck on a certain goal not manifesting after months of working towards it?

>>> Feeling like one area of your life just isn't improving and frustrated trying to figure it out on your own?

>>> Ready for that next level growth, but not sure what is holding you back?

*hint: it's your subconscious beliefs & I know how we can shift them fast!

Did you know 95 percent of our brains activity is subconscious? Meaning that the majority of the decisions you make, the actions you take, your emotions, habits, and behaviors are on auto-pilot!

If you feel like your own worst enemy sometimes and not sure why you're not making useful changes in your life even though you know it would be good for you, this is why and it's not your fault!

Sadly, we aren't taught in school how to shift our mindsets, regulate our emotions, transmute limiting beliefs, or form helpful habits that support the life we desire...

This 90 minute "breakthrough the bullsh*t & manifest the eff out of life" call is going to teach and guide you to do exactly that!

In less than an hour and a half, we are going to pick one area of your life (love, abundance, health, or business) to identify what limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck, use EFT Tapping to work through & transmute them, and lastly tap into your intuition to create an aligned action plan!

NO more hoping and hustling to make your goals a reality.

Just a little tough love and EFT Tapping with me!

Here's the thing...

The issue I find for most of my clients isn't figuring their goals or the steps to achieve them. You are probably VERY clear on what you want and at least have an idea of how to make it happen if you've done any goal setting journal prompts or workshops before!

For many the biggest obstacles to achieving your goals is 1) your limiting beliefs blocking you from embodying the version of already receiving your desires and 2) tapping into your intuition to create an aligned action plan and actually doing it. Does that resonate with you?

How helpful would it be to no longer be stuck self sabotaging yourself and instead feel certain, hopeful, and actually excited for your goals? And if any obstacle does throw your off course, you know how to get back on and find your fire again!

This 90 Minute Breakthrough Session is for you if...

☆ you know you're made for more and ready to finally allow yourself to have all that you desire, but not sure where to start.

☆ you feel like something is holding you back in life, but not quite sure what it is.

☆ you need guidance on both strategy & energy because you realize the importance of having that balance.

☆ you desire some accountability and support in achieving your goals (and of course, someone to celebrate with you too!)

☆ you want this journey to your goals to be easy and fun again!

☆ you are ready to go BIG in 2023 and need a push in the right direction to make it happen!

***not required, but worth mentioning: you are newer to the spiritual business space and would benefit from a mentor who has been through it all before to guide you - practically and also back to your own inner wisdom. (many of my multiple session clients are entrepreneurs and love having this 90 minute call to kick off their month!)

It is time to let go of all those limiting beliefs holding you's time to fully believe in and achieve your's time to book your 90 Minute Breakthrough!

Real Life Example...

Fourteen months is how long my client, let's call her Jessica, kept thinking about her goal before it became a reality.

A year + two months of doubting, waiting, praying, manifesting, and doing all the woo-woo practices she could find online and still that goal of having just one client wasn't happening!

She said it felt like "I was doing all the 'right things' during that time like affirmations, visualizations, journaling etc. but still didn't feel any closer to achieving that goal!"

By the time Jessica booked her 90 Minute Intensive call with me she was feeling defeated in business and at the end of her rope. If things didn't change fast she was going to give up all together towards this dream.

Together we realized she spent time every day thinking good thoughts about her goals through affirmations and all that, BUT didn't spend any time clearing out the negative, funky thoughts on repeat saying "It's not working", "I'm not good enough", etc.

Once we identified all her limiting beliefs around succeeding in her business, we used Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping to remove and reprogram those fears into more empowering thoughts.

From there Jessica was able to see clearly what she needed to shift in her business and set some goals that felt attainable, but still a little outside her comfort zone. Within 90 minutes she was back to being excited about her coaching business!

A few days later, she texted me saying "Tara! You will never believe this. I woke up this morning looking forward to my to-do list and even better I had a new idea for one of my offers while working today. Thank you SO MUCH for your help. I needed that kick in the ass!"

Not only was she thinking about her goals more positively, but now she was taking action towards them and having fun along the way!

Time and time again this process has helped my clients and myself achieve and receive...

... new money making opportunities that they actually enjoy 💰

... more self love and acceptance of their bodies leading to better health 🥰

... confidence to pursue new careers and business ideas 💻

... better relationships with deeper connections ❤️

... and SO MUCH MORE!

I am going to teach you the EXACT practices I use & teach my clients to release any limiting beliefs, tap into your intuition, and take aligned action towards your goals!

No matter where you are on this journey, this 90 Minute Breakthrough Intensive is catered to your needs, desires, and current understanding of Law of Attraction, EFT Tapping, quantum physics, and neuroscience. I explain everything in super simple terms and quickly help you identify what is holding you back so you can move on to that next level with ease!

Regardless of what has or hasn't manifested yet, where you are in relation to your goals, or what happened in your past, a simple shift in your mindset is all you need to start attracting, receiving, and achieving your goals!

My mission in this call is to show you how easy your goals are to achieve, remind you how effing powerful you are when you are in alignment, and teach you the tools to keep up-leveling to the next goal in your life in less than 90 minutes!

(and if you need more guidance on your journey, weekly 1:1 coaching is available to you at a discounted price!)

What's included? This offer is one week of access to my energy, knowledge, and no bs approach to achieving your goals! This includes one 90 minute video call + one week of text access to me + custom EFT Tapping & aligned action plan during call + journal prompt homework (you also receive a coupon for 1:1 coaching for the same amount you invest today)

How does this work? After you enroll + pay, you will receive my calendar to book your 90 minute call and new client form to share more about you & your goals. During your call we will chat about your life and what goals you feel stuck around. I will help you uncover and clear any limiting beliefs with EFT Tapping as well as help you create an aligned action plan than feels fun and and easy! Then you have an entire week of text support to discuss any more limiting beliefs that may come up so we can clear them and keep you manifesting. Plus extra journal prompts and daily encouragement from me!

What is EFT Tapping? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping is a simple healing process that anyone can do by lightly tapping with your fingers on different energy meridian points on your body while talking through an issue to help reprogram the subconscious mind. You can learn more about it in my blog here:

What if I never manifested before? I have a secret for are ALWAYS manifesting. Your thoughts became your reality whether they are limiting or expansive. Our goal is to remove some of those restrictive, limiting, funky thoughts so your expansive thoughts can flow through quickly and easily.

What if this goal is like a REALLY big one? Energy is energy is energy. It takes the same amount of belief and effort to manifest $5 as $5 million! There is nothing too big or beautiful for you in this life. You are limitless! And by the end of this 90 minute call you are going to believe that!

How much does this cost? Your 90 Minute Call + week of text access to me is only $333 and includes your custom EFT Tapping + Journal Prompts to take the work deeper on your own! If you do decide you want more guidance and support on your journey, you will receive a coupon for the same price you paid towards my 1:1 weekly coaching package!

What if I want MORE guidance and help with this? You can now book and SAVE on 3-6 month Intensive sessions. This is a great option if you want some added accountability and support on your journey or have multiple goals you want to work towards. Click the link below to see the all package options and book your first call today!

Have another question? Send me a DM over on Instagram @magically_tarasimone

Hi there! It's Tara Simone, your spiritual bestie here to help you feel good inside and out so you can manifest the life of your dreams!

My love for personal growth started years ago in high school when I feel in love with fitness. It was my escape and helped me through some really tough days of growing up gay in a religious community.

After coming out life seemed to get harder and harder. I started to believe happiness just wasn't in the cards for me. My thoughts started to get the best of me so I began seeing a therapist, working out again, and reading self help books.

That is when I found manifestation, more so the power of your mindset, and my whole life changed.

Within a few months I went from someone who had no hope for her future to actively creating her dream life with her thoughts.

Everyday I would say my affirmations and visualize falling in love with the girl of my dreams, living in a beautiful home with lots of land, rescuing a cute dog, and traveling the world (but mostly to Disney world)!

Today THAT is my reality....which still blows my mind every time I think about just how far I've come by simply changing my thoughts one at a time.

(You can read more about my story on my "About Me" page here)

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