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it's your turn to heal your sh*t & embody who you were always meant to be...

Most likely if you are on this page you already know who I am and what you want to improve in your life, but you're probably wondering "is this the right coach/program/time for me to do this?"

So I will keep this short and sweet so you can get all details you need as well as some tips to listen to your intuition and make the correct decision for yourself at this point in your journey.

this is for you if... feel a bit lost in your identify and life at the moment, but sense deep down your real self fighting to break free 🌈 have begun your self healing journey and are ready to really dive into the limiting beliefs holding you back so you can manifest the life you desire ✨ would benefit from some support, accountability, and guidance in making your goals a reality 📲 know what traits, thoughts, and habits you want to embody, but now sure to get from where you are now to that next level version of yourself 💖 want a coach who is open and spiritually minded, keeps it real with you, supportive af, and will always celebrate your growth & success 🎉 (even after we stop working together)

...*optional, you probably also like Taylor Swift, Disney, or gardening and wouldn't mind a good life lesson from them during our in calls 🤪

my approach to coaching & certifications...

All my work whether it is in private coaching, intensive sessions, or courses is from a love based approach. ❤️ That means there is zero judgment or shame during our time together from me and I will guide you to see yourself in the same way. Once we release this idea we are "not good enough" and see ourselves with true unconditional love that is when the real healing and magic begins! Together, we will explore your life experiences, thoughts, and emotions in order to transmute the painful ones and amplify the positive ones to help you love your current reality even more!

But having a love based approach also means I will also give you some tough love when needed and call you out on your sh*t. 💥 You are picking me as your coach because you want to grow and manifest your goals...sometimes that means getting real with yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone. Again, I will guide you through this process and make it easier to shift your habits or thoughts using multiple mindset tools like journaling, EFT Tapping, affirmations, and more!

Lastly, my approach is spiritual. ✨ Before each call together I ask your spirit team (God, Love, Universe, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ancestors, etc) to come forward and assist in our work together. During our calls, I will always guide you back to your truth aka intuition or higher self. You will also receive some manifestation advice as it is infused into everything I do these days as well as discussions on the other Laws of the Universe and tarot readings if you are into that. This coaching is open to all religions and spiritual beliefs as long as you are open minded as well!

My top priority is always to create a safe space for my clients to dream big and heal deeply as well as receive the support and resources needed to create the life they desire.

*disclaimer: my coaching, our work together, and any of the healing or mindset techniques mentioned are not a replacement for professional mental health services. Instead, they are a great addition to those services. 
Spiritual Life Coach Certification
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Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 11.21.51 AM

what we can work on together:

... releasing daily stresses and anxieties with EFT Tapping and other emotional regulation hacks so you can feel more calm and confident in every situation 😌

... trusting your intuition and self more so you make the correct decisions for you and your future 🧘‍♀️

... setting boundaries, releasing judgment, forgiving others, and navigating relationships 👭

... increasing self acceptance, love, and confidence so you can fully show up and own your inner magic 🥰

... identifying and transforming limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts to more empowering affirmations that support the life you are wanting to create 💛

..recognizing patterns in your thoughts, emotions, and actions that aren't serving you anymore and finding simple ways to form more supportive habits 🌻

... gaining clarity, overcoming obstacles, and creating a plan to achieve your goals that feels in alignment with your priorities and values 🤔

how coaching works...

Each week we will hang out virtually for an hour and talk about YOU -
your goals, fears, desires, limiting beliefs, past experiences, and ALL
the things that shape your reality. This is your safe space to discover
yourself and dream BIG.

My coaching combines all my experience and education in shifting your mindset, regulating your emotions, and using a bit of quantum physics and law of attraction in your favor. It's your turn to embody who you were always meant to be and create the life you can't stop thinking about!

Consider me your spiritual bestie, shoulder to cry on, kick in
the ass, and fairy godmother here for you every day via our
calls and text support throughout the week.

what you will receive...

8 Weeks of 60 Minute 1-on-1 Call (value $222/weekly)
Journal Prompts & inner work based on our sessions ($111/weekly)
Daily Access to ME, my energy, & knowledge via text (value $55/daily)


Manifested It! Course (value $222 - click here for details)

Total cost: $2,222

*my coaching is a two month commitment with payment required before first session. Bi-weekly payment plans of $600 x 4 available per request. Email to discuss this option.

what my clients are saying...

what is your next step...

If any of what I said resonates with you, I would love to chat! Simply fill out an application so we can discuss your goals & what you need in a coach. This is not a contract, just a few emails & a quick call about YOU to see if we are a good fit.

If you are not sure this is for you, do this quick exercise to tap into your intuition and receive the answer you are looking for.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in, and center yourself. Put your hands over your heart and ask yourself "is this coaching relationship right for me at this time?" If you feel yourself lean forward, get excited, or a warm sensation in your body, that is a "YES!". Yay! I am so excited to work with you! Fill out an application and we will chat soon about working together!

If you feel yourself pull back, become neutral, or cold sensation that is a "No." Yay for listening to your intuition and trusting it! It may be we are not the right fit, this isn't the right time, or isn't the correct offer of mine for you. That's okay! The right coach, course, book, etc will come your way when it is time!

psst.. here are other ways we can work together if this offer isn't correct for you at this time:
Tap Through Sessions may be right for you! This is currently my lowest cost offer to have 1:1 access to me. You can learn more about it here!

Or check out my self study course Manifested It! that teaches you my signature 3 step process that makes law of attraction simple even for beginners!
Click here to read more.

(you also receive a coupon code towards your first month of 1:1 coaching for the same amount you spend on Spiritual Kick in the Ass or Manifested It!)

My Story

Hi there! It's Tara Simone, your spiritual bestie here to help you feel good inside and out so you can manifest the life of your dreams! 

My love for personal growth started years ago in high school when I fell in love with fitness. It was my escape and helped me through some really tough days of growing up gay in a religious community. 

After coming out life seemed to get harder and harder. I started to believe happiness just wasn't in the cards for me. My thoughts started to get the best of me so I began seeing a therapist, working out again, and reading self help books.

That is when I learned about manifestation, more so the power of our mindset, and my whole life changed. 


Within a few months I went from someone who had no hope for her future to actively creating the life I always wanted with my thoughts.

Slowly I started to become the kinda person I always wanted to be. It was like coming home to my true self that was fighting to break free for so long.

Everyday I would say my affirmations and visualize falling in love with the girl of my dreams, buying a beautiful home with lots of land, having more time for self care, and living a slow life filled with intention and whatever brings me joy. 

THAT is my reality....which still blows my mind every time I think about just how far I've come by simply changing my thoughts one at a time.

Since becoming a Spiritual Life Coach, I have expanded my knowledge from manifestation to mindset work, EFT Tapping, Tarot readings, and psychology. I combine all these things to guide you to examine your own thoughts, shift the ones that are limiting your potential, and empower you to believe in yourself and goals!

*read more about my story here!

To connect and see some of my work, check out our blog below and my instagram @magically_tarasimone. Please contact us via the "contact" tab or instagram DMs for any questions or hesitations. All applications will be answers and adding to the waitlist in the order which they are received. 

Here's to your happily ever after!


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