I have a secret for you...

Life is supposed to be magical! 

As a child you believed in happily ever afters and were told you can be anything you wanted when you grew up. But along the journey to adulthood societal expectations and other's fears projected onto you caused you to shrink, suppress, and stifle the REAL you.

Your soul came into this human body not for the mundane and mediocre, but to experience all the wonder and beauty your life has to offer.

Embracing ALL of you is the key to unlocking the magical life you came here to experience!


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It is my life's work and purpose to help you rediscover, fall deeply in love with, and fully embrace who you truly are so you can experience your most fulfilling and joyous existence.

magical life coaching is for the soul who...

1:1 coaching with Magically Tara Simone
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...feels a bit lost in their identify and life at the moment, but senses deep down their truest self fighting to break free
...has begun their self love and healing journey, but hasn't fully accepted and embraced all parts of themselves

...knows there must be more than this mundane life, but not sure how to get from where they are to their happily ever after

...is READY fully love and accept themselves so they can experience all the magic this existence has to offer!

Can I be honest? I have struggled with loving and accepting my true self for years. First, I hid my sexuality from fear of what others would say or do. Then hid my love of Disney worrying what people online would think. Lastly, I hid my woo-woo witchy self again because of those same fears.

All the while I was manifesting so many of the things on my vision board and outwardly living a lot my dream life. But internally felt unfulfilled, lost, and frustrated.

Maybe you are currently experiencing the same?

As much as you succeed on the outside, inside there is a battle happening between the real you vs the "you" the world sees.

Most days it is easy to ignore and keep going through the motions of life, but deep down you are being pulled to discover and embrace those hidden parts of you.

Before you were even born, there were certain interests, desires, passions, and a life's purpose placed on your heart to live out on this planet.

Along the way you probably have accepted more of those parts of yourself than others. Or maybe you are like me and hid certain aspects of yourself from the world for years from fear of rejection...

For years, I denied my sexuality and didn't realize how much forsaking that part of me was affecting my life. No matter how much I achieved and succeeded, there was still a feeling of dissatisfaction from not living the fullest expression of me.

It wasn't until I finally opened up the closet doors and let my true self out that I felt fulfilled...and my deepest desires started flowing in.

A few weeks later, I met the love of my life who is now my wife. A few months after, I started my own business that led to my dream career of helping others. Everything I ever wanted manifested into my reality when I finally accepted and loved who I was always meant to be.

But most importantly, every day felt more vibrant and wondrous. I was no longer just existing, but now fully living!

The more I did the inner work to discover, accept, and embody all of me, the more magical my life got!

And now I want to help YOU do the same...

It is hard to feel fulfilled and in love with life, when you aren't fully owning, accepting, and embracing ALL of you.

It is time to let the fullest expression of you shine so you can step into who you were always meant to be and experience all the magic waiting for you in this life.

how coaching works...

Each week we will hang out virtually for an hour and talk about YOU - your goals, fears, desires, limiting beliefs, past experiences, and ALL the things that shape your reality. This is your safe space to discover yourself and dream BIG while I guide you through 7 M.A.G.I.C.A.L. steps.

This program combines law of attraction, human design, EFT Tapping, tarot readings, journaling, visualization, and lots of mindset hacks to help you rediscover and embody the REAL you so you can live your most magical life!

Consider me your spiritual bestie, shoulder to cry on, kick in the ass, and fairy godmother here for you every day via our calls and text support. The sessions are intended flow in this order, but there is always room to dive deeper into a topic as needed:


Call 1: Magical Life Intro & Manifesting 101
This call is all about getting to know the current you and discussing your deepest desires in this life! I will give you a brief overview of our next 8 weeks together and a few tips to begin manifesting that reality now.

Call 2: Accepting All of You
It is time to discover the parts of yourself that you aren't fully embodying through journaling and visualization. This is the first step to begin accepting yourself for who you truly are!

Call 3: Growing into the REAL You
Now that you know who you really are, it is time to practice living in your truth. This call will give you lots of ideas and tips of how to grow into the person you were born to be!

Call 4: Inner Child Awakening
That younger version of you who fully loved and embraced yourself is still in there! Together we will awaken your inner child to help you remember even more the real you fighting to be seen.

Call 5: Confidently YOU!
It goes sooo much deeper than what you wear or how you look. It’s time to erase the fear of being seen so you can step into this world fully and authentically you!

Call 6: Allowing Abundance
Now that you are living your truth those desires you have for this life can flow in. I will teach you how to allow in all that abundance so you can begin experiencing the magical life waiting for you.

Call 7: Living in the Magic
You did it! Finally your soul feels fulfilled, you are embracing all of you, and living in the magic! But the work isn't done yet...this call will give you the tools for a life long journey of discovering, embracing, accepting, and embodying the truest expression of yourself!

Call 8: BONUS!
Want to dive into something more? Or discuss something new? This call is for whatever you decide!


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what you will receive...

8 Weeks of 60 Minute 1-on-1 Call (value $222/weekly)
Journal Prompts to take the work deeper ($111/weekly)
Daily Access to ME, my energy, & knowledge via text (value $55/daily)


Manifested It! Course (value $222 - click here for details)

Total cost: $2,222

*this package is a two month commitment with payment required before first session. Bi-weekly payment plans of $600 x 4 available per request. Email magicallytarasimone@gmail.com to discuss.

what is your next step...

If any of what I said resonates with you, I would love to chat! Simply fill out this application so we can discuss your goals & what you need in a coach.
This is not a contract, just a few emails & a quick call about YOU to see if we are a good fit.

Click below to get started!

Not ready to make this kind of investment?
Spiritual Kick in the Ass may be right for you! This is currently my lowest cost offer to have 1:1 access to me. You can learn more about it here!

Or check out my self study course Manifested It! that teaches you my signature 3 step process that makes law of attraction simple even for beginners!
Click here to read more.

(you also receive a coupon code towards your first month of 1:1 coaching for the same amount you spend on Spiritual Kick in the Ass or Manifested It!)

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My Story

At one point in time I felt so disconnected from my purpose, I considered disconnecting from this life all together. I felt hopeless. I felt like I would never find my dream job, friendships, relationships, or life. Nothing seemed to be going right for me...
...until I changed my mindset. I have spent the last two years of my life living by one principle "how would my highest self show up today?" This one practice
transformed every area of my life to the point where I feel passionate, aligned, and in love with my reality.

Everyday I committed to acting as if this highest version I imagined of myself were my reality. Even when I had the part time job I hated...and when my body image issues consumed my mind...and my relationship was so toxic I couldn't breathe...and I couldn't afford my bills...every thing that went wrong I decided to rewrite the story in my head and allow the law of attraction to change my reality.

(disclaimer: I still have my off days. I still have the days where I am not on my pink cloud and need more meditation and crystals than possible. But that is not important..what is important is how quickly you can shift back into your high vibe state.)

Today my life looks completely different. I am in the best relationship, body, and mindset of my life doing something I love and able to go to bed each night with a smile on my face because THIS is the life I visualized for myself three years ago.

I did not do anything crazy to manifest this life and I definitely did not hustle this reality into existence. I used simply, easy to apply tools to transform my mindset and allowed the rest to flow into my life.

My hope is that I can pass the same tools and mindset on to the next woman and she can do the same for another because I truly belief woman vibing in their highest state can change the world.
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To connect more and see some of my work, check out our blog below and my instagram @magically_tarasimone. Please contact us via the "contact" tab or instagram DMs for any questions or hesitations. All applications will be answers and adding to the waitlist in the order which they are received. 

Here's to your happily ever after!