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Manifestation 101

Updated: May 17, 2023

New to the law of attraction? Here how to manifest for the first time and co-create with the universe.

Can we really manifest anything we want? Attracting love, money, a new job, or your dream life might sound too good to be true. Try these 8 steps and decide for yourself if the Law of Attraction is real and actually works!

Here are the same steps I followed to manifest the life I have and can help you do the same! By simply getting and staying in the vibration of what you want you can co-create and attract your desires. Here is EXACTLY how I manifested my dream house, current relationship, and thriving career.

I promise it is as simple as these steps below. The hardest part about manifesting I find is holding the faith and being patient when co-creating with the Universe. (You can replace Universe with your belief system. God/Source/Universe/etc are all the same loving energy that wants to support you) Many find it hard to belief there is an all loving energy that wants to support their desires. Some belief life just happens and coincidences occur, but those who have manifested previously know it is all very intentional.

The Law of Attraction is always in action in your life. You are constantly manifesting whether it is good things, such as more money, or bad things, such as spilling your coffee all over your shirt. Whatever you focus on expands such as Gabby Bernstein says in her new book Super Attractor. Don't believe me? Ever buy or consider a new car and notice everyone now has that car?!? That's not true. You are just focused on that car so you are now noticing it more in your life.

You can do the same thing money, love, work, anything in your life. Focus on it more with gratitude and it will start popping up in your reality more. Gratitude is a magnet for miracles (another Gabby Bernstein saying!)

**this blog contains affiliate links that may result in me receiving a commission at no cost to you**

UPDATE: this blog was written over two years ago and since then I have created a simpler, and more effective process to manifest! You can read all 3 NEW steps here:


Step 1: Get crystal clear on what you want

What's easier? Gift shopping when you know exactly what the person wants or guessing and hoping they like it. The Universe, and I am sure you, prefers a list. So write it out! What do you really want? Describe it in vivid detail and do not worry about the how or if it is a big request. Just write it all out and allow your pen to flow. You cannot get too clear on what you want.

At the top of the page write, "I have manifested..." and then list all the things you want to call into your life as if they already happened aka the past tense! This gets you into the vibration of your desires, but more about that in step 5.

Step 2: Observe Your Funky Thoughts

We all have them. Whether we believe the desire is too big or we are not worthy of them yet. That is okay. Just observe them and don't be too hard on yourself.

  1. Write down the funky thought without judgement and then "I am willing to see this differently"

  2. Look back at all stories you can remember growing up around this topic of your desire (money, love, career, etc) . Maybe it is something your parents said or a friends story. Write it down.

  3. How do those stories make you feel?

  4. Are you projecting those stories on to your situation now? Can you see any parallels?

***journal prompts may be shared with credit to

Remember it is okay to have doubts. We do not have to be perfect to manifest. Just simply be willing to observe your thoughts.

(Watch this mini masterclass for more on this step)

Step 3: Reframe Blocks

Ask the universe to help you see things differently. Maybe you have a limiting belief that money is always running out. If what you focus on expands, that thought will become true in your life. Money will be hard to make, maybe you will accrue more debt or another bill, etc because that is what you are thinking about 24/7. It's our job to clear these blocks so we release resistance and allow our desires to flow into our life. Here are a few journal prompts that may help:

  1. What says you cannot have what you desire?

  2. Is there an experience in your past that brings the same feeling up?

  3. Is it ultimately true? Can you think of examples or other people who manifested the same?

  4. Is there another way you can see this in a more positive light? Ask to see this limiting belief differently.

It may also be helpful to EFT Tap on these limiting beliefs for faster results! I do this with my 1:1 clients all the time when they have a funky thought come up. You can find tons of resources on Youtube for free EFT Tapping Videos.

***journal prompts may be shared with credit to

Step 4: Believe the new thoughts

Create mantras with the new beliefs you just made. Remember, a belief is just a thought you've had enough times! Program these new beliefs into your phone's reminders, write it on sticky notes, and repeat them every morning. Say it over and over and over again until it feels true to you. These are some of my favorites:

Manifestation affirmations to help you get into a higher vibe and co-create with the universe. Say these mantras daily to manifest your dream life.

Step 5: Get into the vibe

Start acting "as if" you already had what you wanted and embody that version of you. For example, start dressing like the version of you that has the life you want. I did this when house shopping with my girlfriend. I wore what I imagined the Range Rover driving, work at home mom version of me would wear aka my "milf outfit" as I described it to my realtor (pictured below)

How to manifest your first home with easy. Follow these 7 steps to co-create with the universe and learn how to manifest anything.

Do whatever helps you get into the vibe of what you want. Maybe that's Pinterest-ing your dream life, wearing clothes for the job you want, going to neighborhoods you want to live in, or anything that makes you feel good. I also love doing daily gratitude lists to keep the vibes high. Just a few minutes can shift your energy. That is your only job - FEEL GOOD or as I call it high vibe, pink cloud, or in the vortex. It is best to create a daily habit of doing things that feel good so you constantly stay in the high vibes.

That is what we do everyday in our Vitality Virtual Fit Studio! We have daily habits such as 30 minutes of moving your body, drinking 80oz of water, reading 10 pages, and visualizing our highest selves. Two minutes a day imagining our best selves physically, financially, spiritually, and romantically to help embody that energy. You can try the ones I use with my clients for free below.

Step 6: Take inspired action

You may experience intuitive hits to do something it! We are being guided always and it is safe to trust your intuition. Ask for guidance and be open to new things. You never know when your million idea deal is coming. The more action we take the more opportunities we create so do whatever feels good!

For example, I manifested the money for our home's downpayment through my business by creating an offer I was excited about. Every day I shared my enrollment page, created new content, and signed up new clients effortlessly and easily because I was in the vibe doing what I loved. You will always be most successful when you are having fun.

Step 7: Surrender it all

This is the hardest step for me. Letting go of the desire and trusting the Universe to co-create what you want can be difficult. Many of us grew up in a society that focused on hard work so relaxing to receive sounds counterintuitive. It is required. Our desperate energy can repel our desire from manifesting so we have to choose to let it go and know the highest good is always occurring for us.

Surrendering may look like focusing on another goal, allowing yourself a day off, or visualizing yourself physically letting it go knowing its already taken care of.

Step 8: Receive and repeat

The fun part: receive it! All that we want already exists and is circulating us. We are simply keeping it at arms length with our doubts and negative thoughts. Once you clear the blocks, get into the vibe, and surrender it, all that is left is to receive. Remember it is always this or something better and all occurring in perfect timing. Just relax and receive.


These steps work for anything, but I highly recommend focusing on just one thing at a time. Feel free to start small to increase your confidence and remember it only works if you believe it is possible. I started with manifesting $10 and then my dream career and most recently my dream home. This works the more you work it!

Happy manifesting!

Tara Simone

PS. if you are ready to take these concepts deeper and manifest faster, 1:1 coaching is available! Apply via the link below to work together to manifest the life you can't stop thinking about! (ps. 2-3 month wait list - apply today to lock in current price)

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