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Hi there my fellow business owner!


I have been known to say that “your success is directly related to your emotional resilience.”


It is REAL out here, y’all! Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. One day you feel on top of the world, like Taylor Swift during the Era’s tour, & the next? You feel completely lost & feel like burning it all to the ground.


But it is those who can survive the emotional roller coaster and play the long game in business that experience the most growth, abundance, and success!


My intention with this guide is to support you on those uncomfortable days and lift you up even more during the highs using my favorite technique - EFT Tapping!


The Entrepreneurs EFT Tapping Guide!

Sales Tax Included
  • ✨ 13 EFT Tap-A-Longs curated for Entrepreneurs such as:

    - clearing the fear of judgement

    - manifesting more clients & money

    - releasing the stress of taxes

    - boosting creativity

    - relieving burnout

    - finding clarity 

    - and SO much more!


    ✨ PLUS journal prompts,affirmations, tips, and practices I lean on in my own business!

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