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About Tara Simone

Magically Tara Simone, Sasha, and Nala
My Story


Hi there! It’s me, Tara, your spiritual bestie and the slow living solopreneur!

Honestly writing that title almost makes me laugh.


5 years ago I was the epitome of hustle culture and was a boss babe barbie working 24/7 from my phone to grow my first business through network marketing (insert cringe 😖).


I was taught to work in every little pocket of time I could find and that business was “just a numbers game”. So that is how I operated mine - work every available second I had (yup, even sitting on the toilet lol) and if I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to WORK HARDER.

Sure, I saw success…but not my version of it 🙅🏼‍♀️ I started my business because I wanted more FREEDOM financially, creativity, and to actually live my life.


You see at the time my wife was a night shift nurse and if I worked a 9-5 our schedules would never align. My main intention with that business was to have a flexibility to spend time with her…but that rarely happened.

I was glued to my phone 📱every minute of the day thinking that hard work was the key to success and I couldn’t even relax on vacations because everything in my mind was a business opportunity or social media post. I short, I was living to work, not working to live…


Eventually my family started to resent my business and my relationship suffered because I never felt successful enough to take my foot off the pedal and enjoy the life I worked so hard for.

Within two years I burned out and burned 🔥 that business to the ground.


But still had this passion on my heart and vision in my mind of what life could be.

☀️ slow mornings filled with journaling and puppy cuddles.
🪴 afternoons spent in my vegetable garden.
🧶 evenings reserved for crocheting and reading before bed.
📱with client calls, content creation, and my business sprinkled around my life (not my entire life!)

Today THAT is my reality!

I didn’t get here in spite of living a slow life and making time for my spiritual self care, but BECAUSE of it!

💖 I believe that when you fully relax, you receive your BEST ideas and most creative offers.

💖 I believe that when you make time for introspection, you resonate with your audience even deeper.

💖 I believe that when you slow down you create your most successful business.

More importantly?

You live your most fulfilling and magical life! 

That is my purpose and calling on this planet…

To help spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives bring their life’s work into the world while also actually living the life they worked so hard for.

My Approach to Coaching

All my work whether it is in private coaching, intensive sessions, or courses is a combination of strategy and energy. I believe (and have seen in my own business & dozens of clients) when we take practical, actionable steps towards our goals plus sprinkle a bit of manifestation & mindset work in there true MAGIC happens!

Here's what I see for you. Every week you celebrate your wins 🎉 and share the sticking points 🍯 in your business during our 60 minute call. Throughout our chat, I identify the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and clear them with EFT Tapping, visualization, or another technique I've acquired throughout my 6 year of coaching. Once we remove any resistance, we then discuss steps you can take to turn these obstacles into opportunities for growth in your business!

By the end of every call you'll know exactly what you need to do to expand your vision and be more in alignment with your soul's purpose so you actually follow through on it.

My intention? To boost your creativity, productivity, intuition, and motivation so you keep showing up for your clients and community! To ask right questions to lead you back to your own inner truth and find the answers within. To help you grow your income, impact, and influence in less time so you can live a more slow, intentional life!

The top priority is always to create a safe space for my clients to dream BIG and heal deeply as well as receive the support and resources needed to create the life (& business) they desire.

*disclaimer: my coaching, our work together, and any of the healing or mindset techniques mentioned are not a replacement for professional mental health services, therapy, financial advisement, or legal advice.

Certifications & Specialities

I am certified as a Spiritual Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach through the Transformation Academy, a certified EFT Tapping Master Practitioner through the Priority Academy, and also certified in Tarot Card Reading through the Psychic Healing Academy. 

More certifications are currently being pursued and of course, my personal and client experiences are always expanding my expertise. My specialities include manifestation, emotional regulation, mindset, self acceptance, authenticity, and creativity. For more information on my services and how we can work together check out the links below.

Fun Facts About Me​

💛 Crafting and gardening are my favorite hobbies! If I wasn't a coach, my dream job would look something like Martha Stewart & Joanna Gaines combined. (ps. wanna hang out in my flower & vegetable garden? Watch it grow over on YouTube!)

💛 I LOVE Disney. I listen to the park music all day long while I work. I make my own mouse ears for fun, and I share random Disney facts with anyone who will listen. It feels like inner child healing to me and Walt Disney's imagination always inspires me. Check out my Disney Highlights if you love Mickey Mouse too!

💛 I also love Taylor Swift music although have never been to a concert. We go waaayyy back to her Debut album days and All Too Well is one of my favorite songs ever. Taylor's ability to be so vulnerable and constantly reinvent herself is aspirational!

💛 My wife, Sasha, and I met in college, survived a year of long distance, adopted a pup named Nala, and bought a home together in Vermont. I share our life and love on my Instagram @magically_tarasimone.

Ways we can work together...

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