About Tara Simone

magically tara simone // manifestation coach
Magically Tara Simone, Sasha, and Nala
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My Story

Hi there! It's Tara Simone, your spiritual bestie here to help you feel good inside and out so you can manifest the life of your dreams! 

My love for personal growth started years ago in high school when I feel in love with fitness. It was my escape and helped me through some really tough days of growing up gay in a religious community. 

After coming out life seemed to get harder and harder. I started to believe happiness just wasn't in the cards for me. My thoughts started to get the best of me so I began seeing a therapist, working out again, and reading self help books.

That is when I found manifestation and my whole life changed. 

Within a few months I went from someone who had no hope for her future to actively creating her dream life with her thoughts.

Everyday I would say my affirmations and visualize falling in love with the girl of my dreams, living in a beautiful home with lots of land, rescuing a cute dog, and traveling the world (but mostly to Disney world)!

Today THAT is my reality....which still blows my mind every time I think about just how far I've come by simply changing my thoughts one at a time.

Fun Facts About me

I am a Disney Adult. I listen to the park music all day long while I work. I make my own mouse ears for fun. Every vacation I am happy to go to the same place again. And I share random Disney facts with anyone who will listen. Check out my Disney Highlights if you love Mickey Mouse too!

I also love Taylor Swift music although have never been to a concert. We go waaayyy back to her Debut album days and All Too Well is one of my favorite songs ever!

I hardly ever drink. Nothing wrong with it, but I hate how I feel and it tastes gross unless its a fruity drink at a restaurant.

My girlfriend, Sasha, and I met in college, survived a year of long distance, adopted a pup named Nala, and bought a home together in Vermont. I share our life and love on my Instagram @magically_tarasimone.


Crafting and Decorating are my favorite hobbies! If I wasn't a coach, I would definitely to school for it and be a blonde Joanna Gaines.

I recently started switching to more eco-friendly brands for my cleaning products and skincare routine. Finding sustainable and more natural products that actually work and save me money always brings me joy!


I have loved fitness since I was in high school and started working out so I could join the FBI one day. (I was really into Bones at the time). Anyways that never happened, but my love for fitness has stuck and now I help other women fall in love with it online. You can check out our virtual fit community below!