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Need Some Support, Solopreneur ?

Updated: Jul 14

I get it.

You have this 🔥 in your soul…

This pull on your heart…

A big, bold, beautiful idea in your head…

You know you were MADE for this!

Every life experience, twist & turn, and moment led up to this one…

The birth of your precious business! 👶🏼

You have the passion, the vision, the calling…

But do you have the SUPPORT?

I know what it’s like to do it all on your own.

I have been for the past 7 YEARS in my own business…

There’s content to create 📸, books to keep, clients to see ☎️, websites to design 💻, copy to write, offers to launch…

All that on top of being the creative director, visionary, and face of your brand.

It’s A LOT for one person to handle.

Mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

You pour SO much ❤️ and energy into your brand, community, & work.

Now it’s time to fill your cup back up!🍹


✨Introducing Solopreneur Support!✨

Monthly 60 minute 1:1 Call + Weekly Text Check Ins for you to brainstorm 🧠, vent, share, celebrate 🎉 , & get the support you need practically & energetically.

I am here to be your sounding board, bestie to b*tch to, biggest cheerleader, & be YOUR support system while you nurture and grow your impact, influence, & income!

Solopreneur Support:monthly 60 minute brainstorming call  + weekly accountability text check-ins to support you growing your most abundant business while also living your most magical life!


Who is this for?

✨ If you are new to business or currently launching a new offer & need help with the logistics of getting started as well as getting into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur

✨ If you are shifting your niche & need more clarity on your calling, messaging, branding, or embodying this next level

✨ If you are between coaches or masterminds, but would still benefit from support and accountability every month

✨ If you desire to expand your income, impact, and influence without sacrificing more of your time & energy

✨ If you are ready for a MORE intuitive, relaxed, and aligned approach to business (& life!)

The goal of Solopreneur Support by Magically Tara Simone

My goal for you?

To go from the Ten of Wands - tired, burnt out & struggling to do it all on your own…

….to the Queen of Pentacles who has found the balance between work and play where her income continues to grow while she’s off living her fabulous life 💁🏼‍♀️

Ready to make that shift? Enroll in Solopreneur Support by clicking the button below!

enroll in solopreneur support by clicking here

Truthfully, I almost quit my business multiple times my first 4 years...

All the moments of doubts, confusion, "wtf is going on?!", and "can I even do this?" add up.

If it weren't for my business besties and coaches supporting & guiding me through those rough patches...

...I'd probably be stuck in a cubicle at a 9-5 right now.

Instead of chilling in my robe on a Monday afternoon snuggled up with my dog 🐾 writing this sales page for you while the requests are rolling in.

(yup, before I even wrote down all the details. Just from a few stories and a cute graphic I made! This is how easy and FUN business can be!)

That is what I desire for you too!

✨ I see you pushing your edge & feeling safe to stepping outside your comfort zone on the daily

✨I see your creativity on fire and the posts, offers, emails, blog, etc flowing out of you

✨ I see you learning the emotional regulation tools and having me in your back pocket for a pep talk on the hard days of entrepreneurship

✨ I see you confidently showing up and always knowing what move to make next (thanks intuition!)

✨ I see you experiencing more ease, more peace, and more fulfillment through your business that sprinkles into every area of your life.

✨ I see you slowing down in life and STILL growing your income and impact!

If you are ready to lessen the load, receive the support you crave, and maybe a learn a thing or two from someone who has been there before, THIS is for you!

Solopreneur Support Details magically tara simone

Solopreneur Support is opening with 3 spots ONLY this month at the introductory rate & may not have any the next if all my new business besties decide to hang out with me longer 💁🏼‍♀️, so don’t wait.

Just because you can do it all on your own doesn't mean you have to.

Whenever you are ready to allow in support (as well as more creativity, confidence, and cash!), click the button below!

enroll in solopreneur support by clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's included? One monthly 60 minute call with Tara Simone to ask all your business questions and get the support stragetically & energetically that you need + weekly text check ins with me for any random questions or shifts you need throughout the month

How long is the commitment? That is up to you! This is a month to month recurring option that will automatically renew until cancelled so you can hang out with me for as little or long as you like. I would recommend planning on a minimum of three months to fully experience to benefits of ongoing support & accountability in your business.

What is the investment? For monthly 60 minute calls & weekly text support it is $199 recurring until you decide you've received all the support you need!

Is there a refund policy? Due to the nature of this offer, no refunds can be processed once you receive the 60 minute call for that month. Again though, you can cancel at anytime by contacting before your next recurring payment. All terms and conditions which you agree to by enrolling can be found here.

How is this different than your 1:1 weekly coaching package? Less calls so a smaller investment, but still all the same wisdom, energy, and tools I teach my weekly clients. This offer was specially formulated for my entrepreneurs who may not have the cash flow yet to afford weekly coaching, but still desire support and accountability in their business.

When can I get started? Right now! Just click the link below to enroll and you'll receive an email to set up your first call! If you have a question, simply DM me @magically_tarasimone on Instagram or email me to discuss this offer or payment plans!

enroll in solopreneur support by clicking here

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