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5 Tips to Manifest Your Healthiest Self

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Can you manifest health? YES! It is 100% possible to manifest a healthy body with law of attraction without going crazy at the gym or following a really restrictive diet. By training your subconscious and taking inspired action, you can manifest better health with less resistance.

Can you manifest health? YES! It is 100% possible to manifest a healthier body utilizing the law of attraction without going crazy at the gym or following a really restrictive diet. By training your subconscious and taking inspired action, you can manifest better health with less resistance.

Just like anything else you are bringing into your reality with law of attraction, in order to manifest a healthier body you have to believe it is possible for you! You have to get super clear on what healthy means to you and then remove any blocks you have to your goals!

Throughout this blog you will find tips to help you get into the vibration of your healthiest self, remove limiting beliefs blocking you from glowing health, and feel extra grateful for your body as it is right now! So let's get to it...


1. Get clear on how you want to feel in this new healthier body

Can you actually manifest your dream body? Here are 5 ways to use law of attraction to manifest your healthiest self!

So many people try to manifest losing a certain amount of weight, but don't actually know why they want to lose that much. Usually they hope weight loss will lead to more confidence, acceptance, and love. So instead of focusing on a particular achieving weight or six pack abs, get clear on how you want to FEEL. Will being healthier make you feel sexier in the bedroom? Maybe you want more energy to play with the kids or dogs? Or you want to feel confident in any outfit you try on? Focus on how you want to feel in this healthier body of yours.

Write down a few emotions you want to experience your body now and a few physical goals if you would like to as well. But remember, you can bring about those feelings of health right now before anything physically changes! Actually the only way to manifest anything is to feel it before it arrives.


2. Remove any blocks keeping you from your healthiest self

If you woke up tomorrow at your goal, what emotions come up? If you were your healthiest self right now, who would be upset or hurt? What makes you believe your goal is impossible? What stories do you remember growing up about health and your body? These might sound like a strange questions, but sometimes you have subconscious blocks to your goals you don't even know about. All these limiting beliefs are making it harder to achieve your goals even if you are doing all the "right" things like working out & eating healthier.

After you identify these blocks, ask yourself if they are ultimately true? (hint: the answer is always no! Nothing is ultimately true. We create our own truths through the thought we repeat until they are beliefs) This is the time to prove yourself wrong and look for evidence that your goals are possible!

ps. If you are struggling to recognize these limiting beliefs on your own and would like some support in clearing them, book a 90 Minute Tap Through Session with me! During this call we will chat about your health goals and I will ask you a series of questions to identify what beliefs are not in alignment with those desires. Then we will use EFT Tapping to reprogram those beliefs and spend some time visualizing this healthiest version of you! Learn more & book your Tap Through Session here:


3. Visualize your healthiest self for two minutes a day

Now that you are clear on how you want to feel and you removed blocks to reaching your goal, start feeling the feelings of your healthiest self. Close your eyes and imagine waking up as your healthiest self. What is your morning routine? What kind of foods do you eat? What do you usually wear? What is your favorite way to sweat? Do you have new habits or hobbies? Picture your entire day as your healthiest self for as long as it takes to bring up the emotions. Do this daily to get into the vibe or follow along this Highest Self Visualization I made for my Vitality Virtual Fit Studio Clients!


4. Start doing the things your healthiest self would

This is were the inspired action comes in! As you were visualizing your healthiest self, maybe she had some habits you could start right now such as walking the dog every morning, drinking more water out of a cute bottle, or eating a daily salad. Ask yourself what habits could you incorporate into your life today.

When working with my clients in the Vitality Virtual Fit Studio, I always tell them to ADD habits, not subtract. Don't focus on removing your favorite foods, but instead look for ones you can add to improve your health. What you focus on expands so if all you think about is how you can't have a certain food that is all you will want!


5. Show gratitude for your body right now

As I just said, what you focus on expands! If you focus on how much you hate certain parts of your body, they expand. Whether that is physically or just mentally in your head. Instead find gratitude for your body as it is right now!

That doesn't mean standing naked in front of the mirror saying "I love my stomach" if you don't right now because that may have the opposite effect. Instead say focus on what you do love about your body or show gratitude for what it allows you to do like walk, dance, make love, see the world, etc. Or you can go neutral and simply say "I have a stomach" until you feel comfortable adding in other words such as "accept", "appreciate", "value", or "love".


Remember, manifesting takes time and consistency is your best friend! The more you get into the feeling of your healthiest self and taking actions that she would, the quicker you will manifest it into your reality. Keep doing the steps and trust it is working for you!

You got this! And if you would like to learn more about manifesting better health as well as support on your journey, please reach out to me using the "contact" page for any questions and to learn about new courses or offers that will help you achieve your wellness goals!

You can learn more about manifesting in general for ANY desire you have here:

(a health related module will be added SOON!)

If you have any questions, email me at or send me a DM over on instagram @magically_tarasimone. I would LOVE to hear in the comments below which tips you will start implementing or any a-ha moments this blog gave you!

Massive love!

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