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8 Surprising Ways to Ease the Winter Blues

"8 surprising ways to ease the winter blues in under 5 minutes a day" blog by magically tara simone

Every winter I use ask myself "WHY did you buy a house in Vermont?! It is cold and dark at 3:30 pm! You could be in Florida right now sipping an iced coffee in Disney!" But my wife and I still have 27 years (manifesting less ✨🤞🏻) on our mortgage so I have been learning how to ease the winter blues and embrace this magical season more! ❄️

You have probably heard of the traditional advice for fighting the winter blues like getting a SAD lamp or working out for 30 minutes a day which definitely help, but I wanted to share some surprising and also quick ways to help boost your mood this time of year in under 5 minutes a day!

Since incorporating these 8 hacks, I noticed myself no longer dreading and actually sometimes looking forward to winter. As well as more creativity, happiness, and clarity despite what the forecast is which as an entrepreneur my energy and mood is vital to my business success!

So here is how I have been easing the winter blues in less than 5 minutes a day (plus the research on WHY these tips works!):

ps. this post contains afflilate links meaning I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my small business in this way!


Take Supplements like Probiotics and Vitamin D

Why probiotics? Serotonin aka the happy hormone 😊 is made in our gut and probiotics feed our gut microbiome so they can produce more! Taking a daily probiotic or eating fermented foods like yogurts, sauerkraut, kombucha, etc can help you feel better from the inside out.

Why Vitamin D? Because that is what our body naturally produces when exposed to sunlight ☀️. Since there is less sunny hours and UV strength during the winter taking vitamin D and eating foods fortified or naturally high in it (think eggs, red meat, salmon, mushrooms) can help make up for this lack of sunshine during the winter.

(bonus tip: even if it is not sunny out, you still benefits of it during an overcast day! I try to get a few minutes of sunlight before screen time to help reset my circadian rhythm and start the day in nature!)

Certain studies have also found a correlation between low vitamin D and increased depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions which might explain why Seasonal Affective Disorder is so prevalent. You can read more of the research in this article here!

ps. These are the current supplements that I take to ease the winter blues, but please first check with your health care provider and do your own research!

Listen to bird songs or nature sounds

Back in the hunter gatherer days, bird 🐦 sounds was a sign of safety for our ancestors. If you didn't hear any birds singing it usually meant that there wasn't enough food for them to survive there, a predator in the area that scared them all off, or another threat to their, and our, wellbeing. Our brains have been programmed to feel more at ease when the birds are singing just like this study with over a thousand participants suggests:

“Everyday encounters with birdlife were associated with time-lasting improvements in mental well-being. These improvements were evident not only in healthy people but also in those with a diagnosis of depression..." (source)

Another study suggests that even just seeing a bird can boost our mood for hours after the encounter! (source)

Simply putting up a bird feeder to attract more to your yard or listening to bird songs on Youtube like the video below can help us feel more ease and improve our mental health. Personally, I like to play this in the background while I work on my business or take client calls and my wife loves to fill the feeder every day during the colder months.

Have a daily orgasm

It is hard to be sad when you know 😉 and studies that orgasming releases neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin aka all the ones that make you feel blissful and happy. But don't take my word for it or even's word, try it for yourself!

Use emotional regulation tools like Breath Work, EFT Tapping, & Meditation

Why? These techniques are a quick way to boost our moods and help our nervous systems feel safe instantly. 🥰 People who participate in daily mindfulness practices report reduced anxiety, more presences, quicker emotional rebound, and many more benefits. (Source)

Here are a few of my favorite videos to follow along for each practice. As I always say to my clients "take what you love, leave what you don't, but try everything at least once!"

Breath work: Breathe with Sandy on Youtube (start with a 5 minute video like this one)

EFT Tapping: Magically Tara Simone (me!) on Youtube. This blog has over 50+ Tap-A-Longs to try!

Meditation: This 8 minute guided one is my go-to's from one of my long time mentors Amanda Frances.

Practice grounding or Grow Plants Inside

Grounding is a simple, but ancient practice of boosting your mood and healing your body using the natural electromagnetic pulse of the earth 🌍. Or in simpler terms, placing your bare feet in the grass for a few minutes a day can help reduce inflammation, regulate the nervous system, and improve mood. But if you live somewhere with 6 inches of snow on the ground for majority of winter, there are "grounding mats" sold online, but I cannot find much research on their effectiveness, so instead I opt to grow plants inside!

If you are like me, gardening season is your favorite season! 👩🏼‍🌾 Playing in the dirt, watching your little seeds grow, and getting to eat something you nurtured is so magical. And can also help ease the winter blues!

If you have a sunny window sill or grow lights like these, you can grow your own herbs, succulents, flowers, and other house plants all winter long.

(bonus tip: I also find a lot of joy in watching others grow plants and share their gardens on Youtube! Seeing the vibrant color, lush greens, and blue skies definitely boosts my mood in the winter. Want to try it yourself? Catch up on my gardening tours from over the summer here!)

Book a sauna appointment (or a vacation)

While running away to the Bahamas might not be an option for all of us, you can still escape the winter cold in a sauna! 🧖🏼‍♀️ Some gyms offer this service and you might be able to grab a free week trial to use it. Or find a local spa and book an appointment!

My wife and I went for the first time this winter and were shocked how cheap it was - just $20 for the two of us for an hour?!? It was so peaceful and we both left feeling more zen afterwards for sure. You could also DIY this with a warm shower, some essential oils, and relaxing music in the comfort on your own home.

ps. curious about the science on this one? Saunas have shown decreased cortisol aka stress levels. Read more about it here!

Wear, eat, or decorate with bright colors!

Colors can impact our moods so much without us even realizing it. For example, the color red increases appetite which is why most diners are red and white themed. On the other hand, blue helps us relax because it reminds us of the sky or the ocean.

According to yogic traditions, colors also coordinate with each chakra.💛 Simply eating more yellow foods or wearing that color can boost happiness and creativity since it is associated with our solar plexus charka. Truthfully though, I didn't really believe this until I tried it. My closet was very dark and neutral for years, but I decided to branch out with this cute yellow dress I found at TjMaxx...and it instantly became my favorite! And not just because it made my butt look good. I felt happier and lighter every time I wore it. So I started buying more yellow and now it is one of my favorite colors because of how it makes me feel!

Try this yourself! Next gloomy day, wear a bright color or eat the rainbow and notice how it makes you feel.👗

Embrace the colder season with winter sports or cozy hobbies inside

Lastly, and this might be a bit controversial, but it might be time to learn how to love the winter! ❄️ Sure it is cold and dark, but that creates new opportunities for different hobbies. If you haven't tried skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing yet, this is your sign! Or even just sledding and building a snow man. As kids we looked forward to a snow day and it's time to bring that excitement back like my wife and I did in this week's new Youtube video:

Not feeling like bundling up in snow gear to brave the cold? Find cozy hobbies inside like reading, crocheting, puzzlings, even video games. Find a comfy spot, light a candle, put on some music, and make it a vibe for yourself! This past fall I got into crochet 🧶knowing I was going to have more time on my hands once my garden froze over and am now OBSESSED! Every night I can't wait to get on the couch with my yarn and work on my projects. I might actually miss the winter and all this free try to crochet once summer and the garden comes back.


Which of these tips will you implement into your days? What would you add to this list? I am always looking for and learning more ways to boost our mood, increase productivity, and enjoy this magical life more so share your suggestions in the comments!

And make sure to subscribe to Magical Mail down below so you receive weekly emails with more mindset tips, emotional regulation techniques, and manifestation hacks to create your most magical life!

massive love,

Magically Tara Simone - best spiritual life coach in vermont

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