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FREE Holiday De-Stress Guide: EFT Tap-A-Longs, Affirmations, Tips, & MORE!

Holiday Destress EFT Tapping Guide by Magically Tara Simone - fear of flying, financial stress, money anxiety, travel anxiety, home for the holidays, fear of gaining weight and MORE inside this free EFT Tapping Guide!

Hi friend! Can I be honest with you...the last few holiday seasons have lost their magic for me. If you are reading this, maybe you have been feeling the same recently?

I remember that spark of excitement waking up on Christmas 🎄 morning to the smell of orange cinnamon rolls baking and running down the stairs to see the tree light up with presents 🎁 all around. But that feeling of pure joy and childlike wonder has faded growing up.

Between the planning, traveling, gift buying, and all the expectations around the was starting to feel more like the most stressful time of year instead of the most magical.

I am here to change that! I am here to help you live your most magical life 365 days a year even and especially during the holidays with a little help from my favorite emotional regulation technique...EFT Tapping!

Since becoming an Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Practitioner and using this tool more regularly, I am happy to report this is the first holiday season I am going into feeling that magic again. At the time of writing, it is a week before Thanksgiving and I feel ZERO stress about it for the first time in years...I am actually looking forward to getting to see everyone (even if we have to travel 5 hours away) and find myself focusing more on all the fun we will have with loved ones!

This year, I want the same for you too. Which is why I created this completely FREE Holiday Destress Guide!

Inside you will find SIX guided holiday destress Tap-A-Longs on different topics like...

✈️ Travel Anxiety

💰 Financial Stress

❤️ Fear of Gaining Weight

❄️ Worried about Going Home for the Holidays

🎄 Feeling Overwhelmed & Too Busy

PLUS additional tips such as...

✍🏻 how to create an intention for this season

🧶 budget friendly holiday ideas

🌬️ my go to hack for anxiety while traveling

🍷 the easiest way to change an awkward conversation

🍗 simple healthy holiday hacks

and SO MUCH more!

This guide is completely FREE and my gift 🎁 to you this holiday season.

My intention is to provide you the tools to release the stress quickly so you actually get to enjoy the festivities this year and maybe experience some of that magic you felt as a kid too!

Grab your free copy below by entering your email address ↓↓↓

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