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How to Think More Positively - The Three A's for Shifting Your Thoughts

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

"3 Steps to Thinking More Positively" written in pink over a photo of Magically Tara Simone in a pink dress holding a pink peony

"How are you always so positive?" is a question I get asked quite often. The truth is the happiest people not always optimistic and floating on a pink cloud 24/7, they just know how to shift their thoughts quickly and I will teach you how to do that using the "Three A's" - Acknowledge, Alchemize, and Affirm! These three steps will help you start thinking more positively and may even help you manifest your desires into your life!

Before you start rolling your eyes and thinking "there's no way it's that easy", I said the same for years. Growing up I was very pessimistic and always saw the worst in myself as well as others. I thought that's just who I am and everyone else is delusional to be so happy all the time.

The truth is I was resistant to feeling good, being hopeful, and anything that felt easy because I thought my worth was in working hard like it is for so many others in our capitalistic, hustle culture society. So I ask you approach this blog with an open mind and try the Three A's for a week to see how well this works for you like it does for myself and clients!

But first a disclaimer: this process is GREAT for in the moment when a limiting belief or funky thought such as "I can't afford that" or "She is so much prettier than me" comes to mind. This is a simple and fast technique to retrain your brain to think more positively, lovingly, etc. But some limiting beliefs need a little more work such as eft tapping, traditional talk therapy, etc. to reprogram. This blog is not a replacement or cure for mental health disorders, but may be a great addition to professional help.


So let's dive into it! What can you do when you have an unkind thought about yourself or a limiting belief pop in your head throughout the day? Just remember the Three A's - acknowledge, alchemize, & affirm!

1. Acknowledge - Our thoughts attract more like thoughts. If you are thinking positively, you will find more positive thoughts! Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. You've probably had those days where one little thing goes wrong like stubbing your toe which puts you into a negative head space and suddenly you hate everything and everyone.

The fastest way to stop a negativity spiral is to simply acknowledge the funky thought without any judgement. Getting upset or frustrated with yourself for this thought is just adding fuel to the fire. Remember, we have over 50,000 thoughts a day and some aren't the best, but that's okay!

Simply say to yourself "huh, this thought isn't serving me/isn't in alignment with me." This quick acknowledgement helps stop the spiral and opens to door for you to shift your thoughts.

2. Alchemize - Now that you acknowledged the thought, we can begin to transform it aka alchemize it! Ask yourself, "is this thought ultimately true?" (hint: any limiting thought is not true!) and then "What is a more empowering way to see this?".

For example, let's say you had a thought such as "she is so much more successful than me! It's probably because she's so pretty. I'll never achieve that". After acknowledging that the thought isn't serving you, next ask yourself "Is that ultimately true?". Obviously, its not! Your success isn't determined by your looks and if anything her success just proves you can do it too! You may also look for examples from others or even in a different area of your life to prove this limiting belief is not the truth.

Next, if you are struggling to disprove and alchemize this belief pray for help to see this differently, "God/Source/Universe help me see this through the eyes of love".

3. Affirm - Lastly, we affirm a new more empowering thought! Hopefully you feel a little better after alchemizing and maybe even a better thought came through. This is your new affirmation to repeat until you believe it!

Using the example above, maybe your new affirmation is "my success is inevitable" or "if she can, so can I!" In the post below I shared a bunch of examples for health, love, and money affirmations for you to try out and see how this process works.

If a better thought hasn't come yet, simply affirm "I accept myself as I am" and come back to this limiting belief when you have more time to dig into it!

One more important note on affirmations - you have to BELIEVE your affirmation! If it doesn't feel empowering to say and causes you even more doubt, it is having the opposite effect you want.

For example if you were working with money beliefs, "I am a millionaire" may feel like too big a stretch for you to get your energy behind, but "money supports my desires" might feel more believable. Say whatever affirmation you choose in the mirror a few times and notice how you feel. If it's not empowering af, change the language a bit until it is!

BONUS tip: As Abraham Hicks says, "a belief is just a thought you keep thinking!". Your goal with the Three A's is to make these new empowering affirmations your brain's natural thought process aka a belief. This happens with repetition and consistency overtime. That's why in school you would read, write, or recite something over and over again to learn it. The same technique works for this - the more you say and think the affirmations, the faster they will become second nature.

Here's a few ways to add them to your daily life:

  • write them on sticky notes around your home or office

  • program them into your phone as reminders to go off during the day

  • anytime you see a particular color or number say your affirmations

Ready to dive into this deeper? Check out this clip from module 1 of my course Manifested It! where I teach you how to start thinking like the version of YOU who already achieved all your goals!

If you would like to watch the full 30 minute module as well as receive access to my signature 3 step process to manifest ANYTHING plus journaling prompts, affirmations, and more tips like this, click here to enroll in Manifested It! The Course.

For more personalized help shifting your thoughts, 90 Minute Tap Through Call is right for you! In less than 2 hours I will help you discover your true desires, clear any limiting beliefs with EFT Tapping, and create a game plan with you to help you manifest it!


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts below! Simply hit "sign up" at the top of the page to create a free account and share in the comments whatever came up for you reading this blog.

Good luck acknowledging, alchemizing, and affirming this week! Can't wait to hear how much shifts for you!


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