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10 Tips for a Healthy Girl Summer

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Healthy Girl Summer Tips! Best advice to be healthier, get in shape, improve mental health, and transform yourself this summer from Tara Simone Fit

Did you hear? Hot girl summer is cancelled and these next few months are all about YOU. What if this summer was the most transformational one of your LIFE - physically, mentally, and spiritually?!

A few months of focus can make all the difference in your life just like it has for me and my clients in the Vitality Virtual Fit Studio. Simply focusing on our health every day with fun workouts, easy nutrition, meditations, and a few more tips I'll share below, I've watched these women go from shy to confident, quiet to empowered, and most importantly - shame to self love.

If you are ready to up level your life and have the happiest & healthiest summer ever, keep on reading!


Drop the diet mindset! I am sure you have heard this before, but diets don't work. Like 95% of them fail, but yet sooo many people still start them every spring to get that "bikini bod". What if instead this summer you simply focused on adding a few habits here and there that will make a big difference?

When you start small, you are more likely to keep doing it which is the KEY to long term results. Trying to change your entire life overnight isn't going to happen and will just leave you feeling defeated. Pick one new habit a week to start like some of the ones I share below!

Also focus on what you can add to your life, such as more water, movement, etc, instead of what you are taking away like most diets do. Telling yourself "I can't have chocolate or margaritas" only makes you crave it more. Instead tell yourself what you CAN have. "I can eat more fruits and veggies now!", "I can do workouts that are fun every day", and so on. Remember, what you focus on expands so focus on the things you want to occur!

Drink more water! This ends up on every healthy blog and post I write because it is the most underrated tip. Before you worry about what workout program to follow or this new magic food ever guru is pushing, check your hydration status. If you didn't drink half your body weight in ounces of water yesterday, START THERE! Simply drinking 16oz before every meal to help you hit your goal.

Hydration is a huge factor in aging, weight loss, cognitive function, cravings, mood, and so much more. Start chugging enough water every day and after a week you will be shocked at the difference inside and out.

Ps. Bonus tip! I find see through water bottles with a straw helps me drink more. Being able to see how much I need to drink to finish the bottle motivates me to chug it and the straw makes it easier to takes sips all day long. I'll link a cute one here for you!

Eat protein for breakfast! I know a cute smoothie bowl is a vibey summer breakfast, but it may not keep you full for long. Carbohydrates in fruits tend to digest super fast and may cause a sugar crash later if not balanced with fiber and protein. Consider adding some protein powder like this tasty strawberry one or changing your breakfast entirely.

My current go to is 2 eggs with fresh salsa, 1/2 an avocado with lemon and everything seasoning, and 2 slices of bacon. Lots of protein and fat to keep me satisfied all day long and its delicious! A few studies even show better muscle retention and less cravings when you eat protein for breakfast so definitely try for yourself.

Move your body daily! Exercise is sooo much more than just a way to lose weight. It's where you learn how strong you are, celebrate your body for all it can do, challenge your limits, and get those endorphins pumping. There are so many ways to workout so try a few until you find what works for you. Here's 5 free workouts you can do from home to help you get started!

If gyms and exercise aren't your thing, that's fine. Find any way to get more activity in your day. Maybe you could take your dog for a walk, learn to surf, start roller blading, play Just Dance, or even just park further away from stores. ANYTHING that makes you take more steps, gets the sweat dripping, or helps you release stress is perfect.

Create a sleep schedule! Your body does so much for you all day and deserves to rest. It's your body's time to repair itself, find any kinks it needs to work out, and destress from the day. The more consistent you are with bed time the easier it is to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling energized!

Sleep also forces you to fast from eating which is great for weight loss, brain health, inflammation, immunity, and anti-aging. Even 12 hours of fasting can provide these benefits so if you sleep for 8 of them it is super easy to begin an intermittent fasting routine. Simply finish your last meal three hours before bed, sleep for 8 hours, and eat breakfast one hour after waking up. This will also help you sleep better too since you don't get to bed with a full stomach.

Wear your sunscreen all the time! And especially in the summer. I am all for the healthy glow a tan gives, but the sun can also cause wrinkles and even worse, cancer. Adding a sunscreen to your morning routine only takes a few seconds and you will thank yourself years from now.

I always opt for more natural options since our skin can absorb a lot of what we put on it. The mineral sunscreen from Young Living is amazing for total body coverage as well as this moisturizer from Drunk Elephant you can apply under your make up.

For more info on safer sunscreen options and what to look for, click here!

Eat veggies at every meal! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have heard me say "Water first, veggies most". This little saying is our motto in the Fit Studio when it comes to nutrition. Water first simply means 16 oz of water before your meal like I shared above and veggies most is a great tip for filling your plate. Vegetables are a great volume food meaning you can eat a lot of them for very little calories, but they still have vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Veggies also have tons of water in them as well which is great for staying hydrated in the summer heat.

Raw veggies and ranch is a great snack for a beach day or try some of these delicious dinner recipes using veggies! There are so many options so keep playing with recipes until you find a few you love. Aim for one serving per meal for a healthy girl summer.

Stop scrolling and read a self help book. This summer is not just about physical health, but mental as well. I use to roll my eyes at self help books, but now they are part of my daily routine. Even 10 minutes of reading can help open your mind to more possibilities, learn to heal your past, and help you discover more about yourself. If you have time to scroll on IG, you have time for your mental health.

Opt for healthier cocktails or even mocktails! When I think summer, the first thing that comes to mind is a fruity drink by the pool! But they can be loaded with sugar and cause an even worse hangover so let's make them healthy. Any time you can get clear liquor (vodka, gin, etc) instead of beer it's usually a healthier swap. Seltzers are also a great option if you love the carbonation of beer.

Or skip the alcohol entirely and make a mocktail! I am always putting frozen fruit into my protein shakes and using a cute glass to feel fancy. There are sooo many healthier versions out there like these recipes for Frozen Peach Bellinis or Chocolate Martinis. Click here for some healthy girl summer drinks!

Surround yourself with other high vibe ladies! You became the 5 people you hang out with most so make your inner circle a good one. Any friends that don't empower you, support your goals, or dream big with you, probably need to go.

If you're looking for some new friends, hang out at farmers markets, coffee shops, or in online groups! Some of my besties came from social media and I love the community we've created in the Fit Studio for others to find theirs.


I'd love to hear your plans for your Healthy Girl Summer! As I always say take what you love and leave what you don't. You know your body best and I hope these tips gave you some new ideas to add into your healthy lifestyle.

What tips will you start using today to completely transform by the end of this season?

Here's to a happier and healthier you!

Ps. If you need some accountability on your health journey and want all the tools to make it easy af, the Healthy Girl Summer Virtual Challenge is open now! 21 Days of workouts, easy recipes, superfood shakes, meditations, and tips from me to make this the best summer yet! Click here for all the details :) We start June 27th, 2021 I wouldn't wait!

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