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10 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

After our road trip to Colorado, I realized just how hard it is to stay healthy while on the road. That's why I am giving you my best tips to stay healthy on the go, healthy road trip snacks, and fitness tips too! Click the link for all the tips!

Travel is kinda of my middle name these days and fitness is my passion whether we are in freezing Vermont or magical Disney. I wanted to share with you my top tips to stay healthy while road tripping to your parents, on a cruise for vacation, or anywhere else you may travel!

In the past few years I have gone to Disney World, Indianapolis, Chicago, Aruba, Los Angeles, the Bahamas, and road tripped to Colorado, Maine, and New Jersey from Vermont all while running a wellness based business.

There's been times I have worked out in airports waiting for connecting flights, snuck healthy snacks into my luggage, and eaten out of tupperware while driving because ya girl got goals & loves to FEEL GOOD!

After doing all the things to stay healthy and happy while traveling, I wanted to share with you my best tips, tricks, and hacks to keep your goals in mind, but still enjoy yourself, and maybe save a buck or two!


1. Pack all your breakfasts and snacks!

Last summer while in Disney World, I was that girl chugging a protein shake in the lines waiting for the park to open cause I took my breakfast to go every morning. Planning to have my superfood shakes for breakfast saved me not only a ton of time and money, but also helped keep me away from spending all my money on the Mickey waffles!

Now anytime I travel I pack a blender bottle and as many superfood (or protein) packets I can into it so I always have a healthy start to the day! You could also do this with oatmeal or snack bars to save money and some calories will traveling!

I have the same tip for snacks while traveling too! My carry on always has trail mix, microwave popcorn packets, snack bars, nuts, and rice cakes so I don't end up of eating whatever I can find near the hotel.

For road trips, I love bringing deli turkey, peeled hard boiled eggs, fruit, and snack bars that are easy to eat while driving and stay good a little longer.


2. Schedule your workouts before you leave

Seriously..if you do not have a plan of when you will fit your workouts in while traveling it ain't gonna magically happen! For me, I just wake up earlier than everyone and get a quick 30 minute workout so that way I start the day feeling good and I can enjoy the rest of my time with my family.

Since most hotels do not have an actual gym, focus on body weight workouts, cardio, and anything you can do with a resistance bands since that is small enough to pack! If you don't want to workout on vacation, look for ways to add more movement into your day. For example, after a long flight, a good yoga flow will feel amazing. Or plan to do a sunrise beach walk with your family.

If you are looking for a quick workout you can do anywhere, Check out my 5 favorite FREE home workouts here!


3. Plan your indulgences

I know its vacation or a holiday and you want to enjoy yourself..GO FOR IT! It's your time to go a little wild! But plan ahead (is it still considered wild if you plan it?)

If you know there's this one restaurant in Disney you have to go to or that one bakery at home you need cannolis from make that your treat for the day! By planning what you want to indulge on, you won't keep eating everything in sight and justifying it by saying "it's vacation!" Plan one to two things a day you want to spoil yourself with and eat normally all the other meals!

This will also help you save some money and fully enjoy the treats you do decide to indulge on!


4. Avoid drinking all your calories

Trust me, I love a fruity alcoholic drink with a little umbrella, but it adds up soo quickly! An average Pina Colada is 245 calories. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I don't count calories, but I am mindful of what I put into my body. Personally, I would rather enjoy cheesecake for that many calories!

You can still drink on vacation cause your body, your rules, but be mindful with every drink. Maybe try some lighter options like vodka cranberry (my favorite), gin and tonic, or champagne if you want feel fancy and save some money! And of course, stay hydrated if you are drinking your way through Epcot and consider sharing drinks with your partner.


5. Bring a water bottle

Whenever I travel I always forget to drink enough water because we are adventuring all day. Dehydration is a very similar signal to your brain as hunger meaning you'll end up eating more because you're thirsty!

Instead bring a water bottle with you and carry it everywhere especially on the days you travel! Airplanes can dehydrate you like no other.

Aim for half your body weight in ounces each day (200 lbs/2 = 100oz/day) and add additional 80oz of water if it is humid, during your workout, or if you are also enjoying alcohol.


6. Set a goal before you leave

Setting a goal, such as it's 10k steps a day or eat healthy 70% of time, can help you a ton with staying on track! If you treat traveling or the holidays like a free for all, it will be even harder to get back into the swing of things after the fun is over.

A small goal while on vacation can help you make better choices instead of just going balls to the walls for a week straight. Remember to keep it realistic and to set it before you are in line for the buffet! Some of mine are: sweaty or stretch 30 minutes a day, meditate and journal, drink half my body weight in water, and get 10k steps!


7. Share your meals!

This is a great health AND money saving tip! Restaurant servings are usually big enough you can share them with your partner or friend. Just ask for an extra plate to split it and order two side salads or an appetizer to share to make it a full meal.

I also use this tip for desserts in Disney, but not to save money or be healthier. I am sure you have heard of "drinking around Epcot" if you are a Disney World lover....I do "dessert-ing around Epcot" instead! My girlfriend and I split all the desserts in different countries so we have enough space in our stomachs to try them all haha.


8. Have a game plan for when you get home

Fail to plan, plan to fail! Make sure you have a game plan set up for when you get home to get you back on track!

Sign up for that 5k a month after your vacation, book a yoga class the day you get home, register for my next online bootcamp, get healthy groceries delivered, or anything else that get you back into your healthy lifestyle!

Don't stress if you get home and "gained" 5lbs! It's mostly water and will come off with some veggies and sweat in a couple days!


9. Do more walking

An average day at Disney World is at least 20k steps for us cause we are running across the park to make sure I hit every ride! Where ever you are going for vacay, consider adding a sunrise or sunset walk to your day or even a hike. There is so much beauty in nature and I promise the views are always worth it.

And even if you do not want to workout while vacationing, more walking can help you stay active! Aim for 10k steps a day at least. (your iPhone health app has a step tracker built into it!)



You only live once right? Do not spend 95% of your vacation worrying about weighing 5% less. You can always lose the weight, gain the muscle, hit the PR, fit into those jeans when you're home. You can't always enjoy Disney treats, authentic cuisine, or grandma's homemade cookies so eat those when you can!

There are also some studies suggesting that relaxing on vacation can help you maintain a healthy weight from less stress. A little trip and indulging isn't just good for your soul, but also your body!


I'd LOVE to hear your favorite vacation below and any other healthy travel tips you may have!

Need some help on your fitness journey? Maybe a fit bff to cheer you on? Or a personal coach to teach you the way? Check out Vitality Virtual Fit Studio for constant tips, workouts, support, and more for an entire year with me! If you think its for you shoot me an email at to chat more!

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