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Taylor Swift "Midnight's" Songs As Tarot Cards

Your Favorite Taylor Swift Midnight Album Songs as Tarot Card Readings

Do you love Taylor Swift's New Album "Midnights"? Do you also love tarot cards and doing inner work? This blog is for you! I dissect all your favorite songs like Anti-Hero, Lavender Haze, and Karma as well as tell you what card and lesson needs to be learned from it. Get ready to see this album and yourself in a whole new light!

That is exactly what happened while I was planning and writing this blog. A few weeks ago when this record breaking album dropped I was in the middle of my Tarot Reading Certification and deep in study. As I was working on memorizing the cards I noticed how closely they resonated with some of her new songs I couldn't stop listening to! This helped me remember the cards a lot more easily, but also revealed where I still had some shadow work to do.

Which is why I am sharing all my thoughts with you! Most likely your favorite song reminds you of a similar experience you went through or a particular lyrics describes exactly how you were feeling. This can be super helpful in identifying what from our past needs to be healed and what emotions need to be cleared. Or at the very least give you a chance for some reflection and introspection.

With all of that being said enjoy this deep dive into two of my favorite things and as I always tell my clients, "take what you love and leave what you don't!". If the card or description doesn't resonate that's okay. Taylor Swift's songs are complex with many meanings just like Tarot is. But take some time to see if there is any truth in what I typed and do the inner work where needed! (and if you need help with that inner work, just contact your favorite Swiftie and Spiritual Life Coach aka me!)


Listen to Midnights while you read!

Lavender Haze: if this song is your favorite, you are probably in a balanced, healthy relationship that feels so emotionally fulfilling you don't care what anyone else thinks or is even doing. You are just in "this love spiral" like The Lovers card suggests.

It's a beautiful time in your life and you can't imagine it getting better! As the card shows you are completely open and vulnerable with someone almost feeling naked at times with how true to yourself you are being. You are surrounded by this beautiful garden indicating your love will keep growing and the angel above is blessing this union! It's the soulmate card and best one you could get in a love reading.

But a smidge of advice as someone who has been in a Lavender Haze kinda relationship for 6 years now, don't forget to look for and acknowledge all that is going so well in your love life. It can be so easy to get use to this feeling that is almost disappears if you aren't being present with it. Relationships, even ones as magical as Taylor and Joe's, still need communication, appreciation, and work at times. But know the Lavender Haze feeling is always available to you both in this relationship sometimes you need to curate it yourself though.

Maroon: if this is your favorite song, do you need a hug? Taylor is singing of an intense emotional relationship that dissolved and caused her to "wake with your memory over me.". These flashbacks are almost haunting her and every thing she sees, even just the color maroon, reminds her of this lost love.

This is song sadly sums up the energy of the Three of Swords in the Tarot Deck. The heart has been pierced by the swords that represent thoughts in the tarot deck and are most likely your own about this relationship. You are struggling to get them out of your head and as a result keep breaking your own heart.

This is a good time for some extra self care and space for allow yourself to heal. Stop listening to Maroon on repeat, get yourself up off the floor, and do something, anything that will make you feel better right now. When you are ready take the lessons you learned from this relationship and move on. Your heart will heal and be ready for love again soon!

Anti-Hero: while it is great to have the self awareness of "It's me, hi! I'm the problem!", this belief can't always be true! While sometimes you are the problem, it's impossible that you are 100% of the time, but our brains can make us think otherwise. These limiting beliefs fog our perception which really alters our entire life. Taylor goes on to sing "I should not be left to my own devices. They come with prices and vices. I end up in crises. Tale as old as time" letting us know that these thoughts aren't truly helpful and can even lead to an emotional breakdown.

This is exactly what happens in the Eight of Swords tarot card. You see a woman bound, blindfolded, and blocked by the swords (aka her own thoughts) causing her feeling trapped. In truth, she is not. It is just her perception. She has the power to remove the binds and move forward if she can tap into her emotions (aka the water in front of her).

You as well have the power to overcome these thoughts telling you that you're "the problem" or " a monster on the hill". Take some time to journal on these not as kind thoughts and see if you can track down where they even came from. If you truly are the problem in the situation then do your part to fix it. But if this one isn't on you, it's time to shift your perception. I share a really powerful practice I call the Triple A's (acknowledge, alchemize, and affirm) that you can use for exactly this. Read more about it in the blog linked above.

Snow on the Beach: According Ms. Swift this song is "about falling in love with someone at the same time as they’re falling in love with you — sort of in this sorta cataclysmic, fated moment where you realize someone feels exactly the same way that you feel at the same moment. And you’re kind of looking around, going, ‘Wait, is this real? Is this a dream? Is this for real? Is this happening? Is it really happening?’ Kind of like it would be if you were to see snow falling on a beach.” If you love this song, you either have experienced this kinda magic or just like Lana Del Ray.

Snow on the Beach makes me think of the Eight of Wands all soaring through the sky about to land perfectly just as you hoped for. Interestingly, there's also a beach on the image of this card. As I mentioned before water indicates our emotions and this beach is very calm suggesting emotionally you feel the same way or will soon.

When this Tarot card pops up in a relationship reading for someone single, it usually indicates that all the inner work they have been doing to find love is paying off and all of their dreams are about to fall into place so effortlessly you won't even believe it's happening - like snow on the beach! Trust in the divine timing of things and know it's all coming together for your highest good.

You're On Your Own, Kid: if this song is your jam, most likely you have been doing a lot of self reflection on your life and all the lessons you've learned so far. The thing about life lessons is that no one can learn them for you. You're on your own kid when it comes to that, but it can be such a rewarding journey even with the heartaches and pain from the past. Along the way you'll create beautiful memories and connections as Taylor said, "So make the friendship bracelets. Take the moment and taste it."

So if you have friends by your side are you really on your own? At times it may have felt like you are The Hermit card in the tarot deck left to figure it all out by yourself. You'll see on the card he is heading off alone into the mountains for your solitude and to find the answers he is seeking.

As I said before, the big answers you are looking for in life are up to you to find because they are within you. Take time to get quiet with a journal or in meditation to reflect on the past and find guidance for the future. But also know there are people around you to support you on this journey such as friends, family, therapist, etc. You might be on your own figuring out your life, but you are never alone in this life.

As the major arcana progress all of your dreams will come true and your destiny will unfold which is symbolized by The World card. You've learned the spiritual lessons needed and are reaping the rewards of all your inner work. It is all worth it in the end, which I think Taylor would agree all the lessons learned and bridges burned got here to where she is today. Keep moving forward and knowing "you can face this".

Midnight Rain: "He wanted it comfortable, I wanted that pain

He wanted a bride, I was making my own name

Chasing that fame, he stayed the same"

Ahh, struggle of wanting different things in a relationship probably has caused a break up or two in your life. And that's okay! As Taylor said, "I guess sometimes we all get, Just what we wanted, just what we wanted". I hope if you did walk away from a relationship that is was towards a big dream of yours.

That is what the Knight of Pentacles can mean in a love reading. This person on the horse is charging forward so focused on his goal, nothing else matters at the moment. Not necessarily a good or bad thing, that depends on you. What is most important to you in life right now - love, money, fame, stability, traveling? Whatever it is go after it with all your heart, but also know priorities can change and if you desire it one day you will meet someone with the same goals at the right time just like Snow on the Beach talks about!

Question...? What questions about your past relationship are keeping you up at night? More importantly, are you getting stuck in the past instead of focusing your energy on what you want when it comes to love? If this is your favorite song off the Midnight's album then the Six of Cups has a message for you!

You'll notice this card looks pretty cheery. There's a younger couple exchanging flowers almost as if it was a first date. They are in a nice cozy town and all is well in their world which is most likely how you felt in the beginning of this relationship you can't stop thinking about.

But the Six of Cups is a warning card not to get stuck longing for the past. Sometimes we have a tendency to only look back on the good times like this picture shows and not acknowledge all the sh*t that went down too. While reminiscing and reflecting can be helpful to heal and grow, don't ruminate on it. That is just stealing joy from the present and preventing you from finding the love you truly seek. You have a beautiful even more magical life ahead of you! Stop asking hypothetical questions and go find it.

Vigilante Shit: There's nothing Taylor Swift does better that revenge! That song is probably a favorite of yours also cause you are currently in your villain era. No getting sad, just even right now.

The lyric "While he was doing lines, And crossing all of mine" indicates someone overstepping your boundaries just like The Emperor card does. This person is using his authority to control you and it's time to take your power back as this card also suggests. "Draw the cat eye sharp enough to kill a man" and end this sh*t once and for all.

But also a reminder, Karma is real...what you put out you get back so be careful how you get even with this person. Sometimes the best revenge is moving on and living your best life just to spite them. As Taylor also told us "Your enemies will defeat themselves before you get the chance to swing" in Long Story Short so it might be a good idea to dress for revenge, but let karma do her thing to them while you look hot as hell.

Bejeweled: If Bejeweled is your favorite off this album you most likely went through a dark time, maybe even a Tower card moment, and are now out on the other side shining or almost there!

As hard as the past was you needed it to find you and rebuild your life how you actually want it. Luckily, you remembered who you are and won't ever let anyone take away your sparkle again. This is the exact message of The Star card, how fitting!

You'll see on the card this woman is surrounded by a happy scene and at complete ease because the worst (aka the Tower card) is behind her. She is completely exposed, but okay with it because she loves and accepts who she is even more after going through all of that. The stars are all around her sparkling and there's a new sense of freedom in the air. Keep allowing your authentic self to shine and everything you've dreamed of will soon fall into place as long as you stay true to yourself.

Labyrinth: If this song is your favorite, you definitely need a hug. You probably feel that you are "lost in the labyrinth of (your) mind" replaying old situations and allowing past hurts to affect your current decisions. Don't let fear control your life babe. It is safe to fall in love again and know that the right person can help turn any hard situation right around.

But first you have to get through this Nine of Swords moment. Looking at the card you may resonate with this scene a bit - anxiety keeping you up at night, crying from the thoughts in your head, and maybe even your dreams haunting you. Give yourself the extra time and space needed for self care. It may also be helpful to get a therapist or coach to help you navigate this maze in your mind.

One day soon you will move forward from the swords suit on to the pentacles where you manifest all your desires and feel secure in your life, love, finances, emotions, all the things! But right now you have to do the mindset and inner work to untangle these thoughts, learn the lessons so you don't repeat them, and accept what happened.

Karma: You are currently dancing around with joy watching your enemies get f*cked by karma, aren't you? Congrats on being on her good side today! Remember this situation the next time you feel like getting revenge and trust that yet again karma will come through for you. But also be warned, it goes both way so "keep your side of the street clean".

That is exactly what the Justice card is sharing with you. It is the law of attraction card in a sense. Whatever you put out there is exactly what you will get back in this life. That can be used to your advantage (see Manifested It! The Course to learn how) or it can bite you in the ass. Just to be safe, do some good today. Buy a stranger their coffee, hold the door open for someone, leave a kind comment on instagram, etc. Keep building up that good karma and let her do your avenging.

Sweet Nothing: In the past you may have been in a relationship that expected or took a lot of you, but right now you feel so balanced and safe in love. Your partner is with you because they love you. Period. No alternative motives or expecting anything of you. What a beautiful relationship to be in!

This song resonates with the Two of Cups. You see a beautiful union between two people with full cups about to toast and share it. There is an equal give and take here so all feel fulfilled.

You'll also notice they are looking at each other and don't notice anything else. Kinda like Taylor singing, "Everyone's up to something

I find myself running home to your

Sweet nothings" Right now your relationship is priority number one which is good because they might just be your soulmate like this card suggests in a relationship reading. Don't worry about anyone else's drama and instead focus on each other, growing your love, and building that foundation for a beautiful life together.

Mastermind: Finally, my favorite song off the album! If it's yours too, let's be friends on Instagram please and discuss all the Swiftie things!

Okay, now on to your reading. You love to plan, scheme, and maybe even manifest like me. None of it feels accidental because you have been dreaming of this for awhile. It was just a matter of time until the "dominoes cascaded in a line".

This is the energy of The Magician! You are a master of your thoughts becoming things just like you've been visualizing. Or at least you are trying to be.

But a little piece of advice from someone who loves to plan and is a manifestation coach...don't try to figure it all out. By worrying about the how or when and trying to force something to happen you tie the Universe's hands behind her back. Leave space in your master plans for the her to surprise you! I bet some of the most magical moments in your life weren't planned out, they just happened which is what made them so special.


So is your favorite song still your favorite after reading this blog? Hopefully it gave you some really good insights on yourself, past, and future! I'd love to hear your favorite song below and if your card reading resonated!

Also, if you would like to see Tarot Cards for the 3am edition songs or any other albums, PLEASE let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading this blog and I'll see you next time Swifties!


PS. if you would like a FREE personalized 4 card reading, email me at . The next few months I will be doing Tarot readings by donation only with all proceeds going to charity as a way for me to practice my skills more as well as give back during this time of year!

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