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Quarantine Christmas Ideas

Christmas is not cancelled, just different this year! Staying home this year for Christmas due to Covid-19 and need some ideas to make it just as magical? Here are a few ways to keep the holiday spirit alive as well as keep yourself sane through another lockdown during winter. I am sharing it ALL - new traditions to start during Quarantine, self care practices to keep you stress free, and a little bit of holiday cheer as well!

Self care ideas during the holidays and quarantine
Quarantine Christmas Ideas

1. Watch your favorite Christmas movies 🎥 Christmas Vacation was a go-to growing up for us! I quote it throughout the year 🤣I tend to stick to happier ones especially this year, but some classics such as "It's A Wonderful Life" are a good reminder to be thankful for all we have. These movies bring back the happy memories and help us feel a sense of familiarity! Maybe you could even do a virtual movie night with your family to laugh together.

Must watch christmas movie bucket list
Christmas movie check list

2. Listen to holiday music (& skip the sad ones) 🎶 you can find me twerking to Jingle Bell Rock like I’m in Mean Girls 💃🏼which I am counting as a Christmas movie because of that one scene! But in all seriousness, music adds another layer of familiarity and comfort to a season full of change. Create a playlist of happy songs and maybe a sadder Christmas playlist if you need a good cry. (Reminder: it's okay to feel your emotions. Crying can release some of that energy and make you feel better!)

3. Create new traditions 🍪, and honor the old Growing up Christmas cookies were a BIG thing, but we never did gingerbread men. Last year, I gifted Sasha all the ingredients to make them & now it’s our own tradition! Making gingerbread in my home reminds me of my dad pulling at the huge Kitchen Aid mixer while holiday movies played and my mom wrapped presents in the dining room. Even though we are 5 hours apart, baking brings back the feelings and gives my partner and I a chance to create new memories.

Christmas activity bucket list and ideas
Christmas Bucket List

4. Schedule a holiday zoom 📲 decorate your trees, eat a meal, and mail presents so you can open them together virtually! It may not be the usual setting, but it can still bring you closer to family. You can still feel the love & joy through a phone I promise!

5. Light a candle that brings back the memories 🕯 Balsam Cedar was always burning in our home growing up! Smell is a powerful sense we have and can take us back in time. Also who doesn't love their house smelling like a winter wonderland?!

6. Allow yourself to be excited for the holidays even if you are upset about the change ✨ it’s okay to have conflicting emotions. It’s okay to get excited for decorating and cry at certain songs. The only way to heal an emotion is to feel it! Give yourself some time to grief and even more time to feel joy. We will all be together soon ❤️

BONUS: Make extra time for you! 2020 has been a tough year for many and we all need a little extra self care these days. Starting a fitness routine has helped me immensely find a sense of routine among the craziness. Try starting a gratitude or meditation practice, join a book club, learn yoga, or start working out with the Vitality Virtual Fit Studio. Those extra 30 minutes for you a day can help keep the stress away and focus on what is important this time of year.

Wishing you a healthy, safe, happy, and memorable Holiday season! 😘 my inbox is always open if you need some support!

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