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How To Create Your Own Magical Morning Routine

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Should you meditate, journal, eat breakfast, go for a run, or do yoga every morning? Everyone is going crazy over the perfect morning routine and there's even books on it such as Miracle Morning. But what should you really be doing every day to set yourself up for success? I share my favorites below so YOU can decide to perfect morning alignment ritual for you.

Should you meditate, journal, eat breakfast, go for a run, or do yoga every morning? Everyone is going crazy over the perfect morning routine and there's even books on it such as Miracle Morning. But what should you really be doing every day to set yourself up for success? I share my favorites below so YOU can decide to perfect morning alignment ritual for you.

Before I created my magical morning routine, I just assumed I was not a morning person and that was how it would always be. I constantly felt burnt out, unmotivated, and honestly lost on what I really wanted to do each day and with my life. But I found that taking 5-15 minutes every morning to center myself, set my intentions, and calm my mind has completed changed my outlook on each day and even life!

The best part of creating a morning routine is that you can make it to be anything you want it to be! What centers and calms me may drive you crazy so do not think you have to meditate with chants or do yoga on the beach at sunrise to be in alignment. Whatever works for you is what is right!

Hopefully this list of all the things I have tried will give you some inspiration and a starting point. Take what you love, leave what you don't, and tell me if you find something else that works amazing for YOU so I can add it here for others!


1. Gratitude Journaling

If you have read any self help blogs or books this is always mentioned because it is AUH-MAZING! But so many people do it wrong and do not benefit from gratitude journaling fully because they miss these two steps. Its a very simple concept with amazing results if done correctly!

So how do you gain the most out of this exercise? Simply grab a pretty journal you love, maybe a cute pen too, and write down as many things you can think of that make you happy RIGHT NOW! That's the secret to making this work! Focus on the NOW! The whole point of this practice is to evoke a positive emotion from you.

I find it is hard to be truly grateful for all the basic things people say like "food, clean water, roof over your head, clothes, ect" because most likely you have never been without those things. I am not saying do not be grateful for them as well, but focusing on what you are grateful for TODAY sparks more emotion.

The other step a lot of people miss in this exercise is reading over the list after you are done free writing! While writing all you are grateful for just brain dump onto the page and let your pen flow until it is all on the page and then go read it again aloud to yourself with a smile on your face!

Doing this daily helps you see all you have in your life to be grateful for and helps you attract more things to be grateful for. Remember, nothing is too small to be grateful for. Many times my list will include "bombass coffee, sunshine, and my dog letting me sleep in". Whatever makes YOU happy right now write down and repeat it with a smile.


2. Desires List

This, and gratitude journaling, are a must for me everyday. Every page of my journal has this desires list right under my gratitude list! Why? Because gratitude is such a high vibration that helps you attract more into your life so writing my desires for the day while in that high vibe state makes the law of attraction work faster.

You could also consider this as setting an intention for the day or "calling your shot" as some would say. Just write whatever you want to happen today! Maybe it is $1,000 or just a short line at Starbucks. Again, nothing is too small to be grateful for or to desire!

If you want to learn more about manifestation and how little practices like this helped me manifest my dream house and career, the blog "Manifestation 101" is a great read!


3. Cleanse Your Aura

Feel free to replace the word aura with soul, mind, or whatever works for you! This step is CRUCIAL and again I never skip it because it is soooo easy to do! (and a million ways to do it)

Cleansing your aura allows you to remove any negativity you may be carrying from yesterday so that you have room for more positivity and can pass it on to others! Think about it like showering. You wouldn't show up to something important with dirty skin, smelly underarms, or greasy hair so why would you let your spirit show up that way?!

So how do you do it? Like I said there is a ton of ways but these are my favorites:

1. Selenite wand - if you are a crystal bra stuffer like me, you will love this! Simply grab a stick of selenite (only a couple bucks at your local crystal shop) and wave it over your entire body on every side, under your feet, and finish around your head. Selenite dispels negativity quickly so only a minute of this is enough to cleanse you.

2. Light bath - if you like meditating this is for you! Simply sit quickly with legs criss-cross apple sauce and close your eyes. Imagine white light pouring over you, cleansing you of all negativity and pain, and re-energizing you for the day. Sit as long as you'd like and feel free to play soft music or frequencies to get into it more. (we will talk more about frequencies in a second!)

3. Smudging - this may be a bit controversial and tricky, but I want to mention it anyways in case it is your jam. Burning sage or palo santo is a great way to clear a space, clear crystals, cleanse your aura, and set off the fire alarms. (yup...I have done that multiple times!) The reason I say it is controversial is because many sources say both white sage and palo santo are being harvested at such high rates it is endangered and no longer sacred to those cultures. Personally, I am using up whatever I have left and not purchasing anymore.

4. Kundalini mediations - This one is probably the most woo-woo and difficult to do if you do not have a regular mediation practice. Kundalini meditations use chanting to help you focus and center your mind! The one in particular that I love to align myself with the universe is Kirtan Kriya. I have provided a video for you to follow along with the chanting! Simply sit in a comfortable position with your hands up and repeat the chant "sa-ta-na-ma" meaning birth, life, death, rebirth. As you say each sound tap one of your fingers to your thumb. Sa - index to thumb, Ta - middle to thumb, Na - ring to thumb, and Ma -pinky to thumb. Repeat this for two minutes aloud, then for 2 minutes in a whisper, 4 minutes in silence, another 2 minutes in a whisper, and finally 2 minutes a loud. This is 12 minutes in total so be patient if it is difficult to focus for that long at first.

5. Sound Cleansing - This is one I use throughout the day (and on the dog too!). Sound, just like crystals, has a frequency we measure it Hertz (Htz). Certain Htz affect different chakras (energy centers) in your body. In order to cleanse your aura and realign your chakras you have to get them back into the right frequency. Listening to frequencies like the one here (which is also my dogs favorite one), using a Tibetan singing bowl, or tuning fork can quickly get you back into the high vibes.


5. Meditate

Can we be honest? I use to beat myself up for not meditating everyday and when I would it felt like a chore I just wanted to rush through. Which completely defeats the purpose of it! So only do what feels good and allow your practice to change day to day with your mood!

If meditating feels good then do it! I personally love all mediations from Amanda Frances and Gabby Bernstein (btw if you don't follow them and buy all their work you need too! It is some next level sh*t!) You can find tons and tons of mediations on Youtube, Spotify, and a few apps as well. Find a few you love and use them when it feels right! You can also try the 21 Day Meditation Challenge inside of the Vitality Virtual Fit Studio for more guidance on your journey.


6. Yoga

Again, this is not something I do everyday. But when I wake up early and the sun is shining in and the coffee is just right...and the dog is annoying me, I LOVE to do a short flow!

Yoga not only helps get your blood flowing and muscles stretchy, but also centers your mind. Between the breathing, trying to hold the poses, and soft music it is hard to focus on anything else which is the whole point!

And you do not have to go to a yoga studio or even leave the house to get your flow on. There are tons of yoga classes online like the 90 different ones we provide through The Vitality Virtual Fit Studio that you can do anytime, anywhere!


7. Running or walking

Feel stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out? Try these tips to create your own morning routine!

Do you have those friends that obsess over their morning runs? Yeah, thats not me! But if you love it, do it!

Running, like yoga, takes your focus away from everything else and allows to clear your mind. It can also release endorphins which make people happy and happy people don't kill their husbands..they just don't! (if you know what movie that is from screenshot this and tag me on IG @tarasimone_fit! If not, I promise I am not crazy)

Also a daily dose of sunshine can help cleanse your aura similar to taking a light bath, but a literal light bath! Sunshine can also fight depression and elevate your mood. Basically, sunshine is the sh*t and everyone needs a little more of it! So get outside and get moving!


8. Card Pulling

One of my favorites! Everyday I pull cards from this deck every morning for an extra dose of positivity! These beautiful cards are inspired from my favorite book "The Universe Has Your Back" by Gabby Bernstein!

Whatever card I pull each day I put the affirmation into my phone as a reminder to pop up randomly throughout the day!


9. Reading Self Help Books

Another honesty moment...I use to think self help books where a joke. I never read them and thought anyone who did had issues. That was before I became a lifestyle coach and got into the business of helping others improve their lives which is impossible to do if I am not constantly improving mine!

I firmly believe the world deserves you at your best and your cup should be so full it overflows into all other areas of your life instead of just being filled to be poured. You feel me?

That is why I highly recommend getting into personal development and self help books! And why I read (and require the ladies I mentor on Team Vitality) 10 pages a day to overflow my cup.


10. Journaling

I saved one of my favorites for last! Journaling allows me to move through fear and doubt quickly by releasing it all on the page. This isn't your typical diary by the way. Journaling for me is not just writing to write. It is asking myself questions to uncover what is going on below the surface and move through it.

For ideas and prompts of what to journal on, check out my Pinterest board with over 100 prompts to get started journaling today!


It is important to remember that these are just SOME of the tools I use to realign and center myself! Also I do not do all of these daily, only what feels good!

So take what you love, leave what you don't, and allow it to change as you grow!

Remember, the world deserves you at your best! Focusing on yourself allows you to show up fully in all relationships. You are worth the extra 10 minutes in the morning <3

massive love,

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