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Gift Guide for Girl Boss 2020

Looking for the perfect girl for your new girl boss? This gift guide is perfect for network marketers, boss lady, and female ceo! The perfect and best gifts for her 2020!

Do you have a new female entrepreneur in your life you want to celebrate, but not sure what to get her? This Girl Boss Gift Guide is your go to for finding her the perfect promotion, Christmas, or birthday present. Everything the boss lady could possibly need to grow her business and take care of herself along the way! No more guessing what she wants. This guide will tell you exactly what she has had her eye on and would love to receive.

When I first started my business these were things on my wish list that would have made that first year so much easier! The items below are also some of my favorite presents from others that mean the world to me and showed they supported my young business. Sometimes, it is the little things that mean the most.

Remember, the best gift comes from the heart! I hope this list sparks some ideas and helps you find the perfect gift for your girl boss!

*some items listed contain affiliate links to make your life easy. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you!


Ring Light

Most businesses these days use social media to market themselves meaning they need good lighting for pictures, videos, and trainings! A ring light such as this one can help even the darkest rooms appear bright and professional. It is an essential for any business owner!

I love the design on this one with two different tones and a dimmer for the perfect light in any photo. It also comes with an adjustable stand and phone mount to make filming easy.


Another essential for any online or product based business. When you are first starting, hiring a photographer may be out of budget so a tripod like this one can help get that professional shot without a photographer.

Love that this one is collapsible and perfect for traveling! I take it with me hiking, to the beach, and any road trip so I never miss a good picture. The level and adjustable legs are also key when shooting in uneven terrain.

Vistaprint Giftcard

Branding is so important and having business cards, like the ones you can customize on Vistaprint, can make a huge difference when networking. The site is super simple to use and you can get up to 100 business cards for less than $15! You can even make t-shirts, masks, and banners here. It is a one stop shop to help your girl boss feel like a professional.

Canva Pro

As I said, branding is important! It can make or break your business. Luckily, you don't need a marketing expert or graphic designer for your logo, posts, email banners, or website graphics - Canva Pro is here! This easy to use graphic design software provides 100's of templates, fonts, stock photos, and even GIFs to bring a business to life. I use this tool daily in my business and cannot recommend it enough! The background erase tool and stock photos are some of my favorite and most used features on Pro. You can create an account for your girl boss or write her a check with the intention on it!


If your entrepreneur is a DIY type of girl, she needs a Cricut. This little machine can make cards, decals, t-shirt designs, stencil, stickers, and so much more. She could even make her own cute mug or treat her network marketing team to a cute decal.

Super user friendly and 100's of projects to try. This has been on my Christmas list for years and most likely your crafty boss babes too!

Self care items

Let's be honest - we work too much especially the first few years of business. Self care and mental health tend to fall to the wayside during busy seasons.

Productivity Self Love Box from Just Cozy Things! The best self care box for female entrepreneurs and boss babes!

This Productivity as Self Love box from Just Cozy Things is the perfect way to reminder her to take time for herself! The weekly and monthly planner will help keep your girl boss organized while the candle, journal, and bathbomb will reminder her to slow down to relax.

You can also shop their site and grab a few things to create a custom box for your person! Use code COZYTARA10 for 10% off anything in the shop!

Online Courses

This could be the BEST present you could get a young entrepreneur! Investing in educational online courses is something that helped my business grow to a full time income in under two years. You can never know or learn enough.

A few of my favorites are listed in this blog, but you know your girl boss best! See if she talks about a course or entrepreneur she loves to follow to figure out what would be best for her.

(A check and a cute note saying its for her an online course of her choosing works too!)

Another great idea is a business or personal growth book! Here are a few of my favorites books for young business owners!

Planner and journals

Organization is key when running a business and the cuter the journal, the more likely she'll use it! I love my Day Journal from Just Cozy Things for gratitude lists, wellness tracking, and writing down all my creative ideas.

Their Weekly Planner is perfect for scheduling appointments, planning content for the week, and keeping on top of the to-do list. You can grab both those items here with code COZYTARA10 for 10% off.

Mugs and Coffee

Trust me, if she isn't obsessed with coffee yet, long nights hustling will make her. Some of my favorite presents are cute mugs people give me. Every cup of coffee reminds me they are rooting for me! (and they are super insta-worthy). Here are a few of my favorites!

For a cute gift, grab a mug and stuff it with a Starbucks gift card, tea bags, tea diffuser, or fuzzy stocks!

Office Decor

One of the perks of running a business is another space to decorate! I put together a few of my favorite, classic decor items are woman will love! You can check them out here or take your girl for a shopping spree to Home Goods or TjMaxx so she can pick her own!


I hope this list inspired you and hopefully made holiday shopping easy!

Remember, the best gift you can give a girl boss is your support. Consider purchasing from her shop and giving her a shoutout so others can as well!

If you are looking to start your own business, check out my blog here on how to become an online coach!

Massive love and happy holidays!

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