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Intuition: The Secret Superpower for Business Owners!

Updated: Jun 28

Your intuition is not a gift, but a skill especially for spiritual and creative entrepreneurs! Use how to use your inner knowingness to propel your business forward today in this blog "3 Ways to Use Your Intuition In Your Business" By Magically Tara Simone. Image shows Tara, a white woman, meditating with the blog title in black ink on a purple background.

Your intuition is NOT a gift. It is a skill that ANYONE can lean on for advice and support. Especially as a spiritual or creative entrepreneur, your inner knowingness is your SUPER POWER 💥 Imagine having a mentor with all the answers to your questions and always has your best interest at heart? THAT is your intuition (aka your future self). In this blog you'll find a few ways to hear her whisper, trust her guidance, and use it to grow your business!

Truthfully, I thought my intuition was broken as a kid. Although I wasn't calling it that at the time. I grew up in baptist church and always heard that God spoke in a "still, small whisper", but no matter how much I prayed or read my Bible or acted like a good little Christian girl, I could never hear it. I only could hear the judgmental opinions of religious adults in the back of my head or some verse that made me shutter with fear I would have to do something I didn't truly want to.

It wasn't until years later when I deconstructed my faith and leaned more into my spiritual side that I finally learned THIS universal truth - your desires are from the divine. The word "desire" in latin translates to "of the Father" aka God, Source, Universe, whatever name you want to call it. It was then I realized that in order to hear the still, small whisper I was trying to connect with for years, I just had to listen to my heart. ❤️ Since then I've gone inward and trusted my emotions as my compass through life. And my intuition? Doesn't shut the eff up now especially when it comes to my work as a life coach for spiritual & creative entrepreneurs!

psst...struggle to hear your own inner knowingness? Click the purple button below for a FREE Guided Visualization to Connect with Your Intuition + 10 Games to help strengthen it!

In any business, there are a dozen decisions to make a day and when you run it solo ALL those choices fall on you! That is incredibly freeing and equally terrifying. Simple things like "What should I post today?" or "How do I respond to this client?" would suck up my energy and leave me trying to figure out the right answer for days. Now? I close my eyes, visualize my future self, and ask her for advice. (or swing my pendulum if I feel too frazzled to meditate)

Curious how else to use your intuition in your business? Here's the 3 ways to start using your inner knowing to grow your income, impact, & influence!


1.For Daily Decisions like what to post, which graphic to use, what time to send the email, how to word that blog, etc. Sure, you could ask your coach or partner which options they like best (my wife 🌈 gets asked constantly her opinion), but if no one is around or you want to best answer, GO TO YOUR INTUITION! Either through visualization, journaling, or with a divination tool like tarot or your pendulum.

Honestly, I keep my crystal pendulum on my desk and use it almost every day when it comes to posting on social media. I will ask "is it better to share this reel now or later tonight?" or consult it for advice on which graphic will be more eye catching & engaging. Any little decision you doubt yourself on, go to your intuition for clarity. She is always happy to help!

2. For connecting with dream and current clients! Before each 1:1 call or tarot reading, I light a white candle, close my eyes, and say a prayer to invite in my clients spirit team, Source, and their future self aka their intuition as well as mine to give me the words and wisdom they need to hear! I also do this every morning to connect with my next dream client and see what they need to share on social media that day!

After all, the whole goal of marketing is making an emotional connection with your clients/community and your intuition knows EXACTLY what they need to hear, experience, receive from you right now 👏🏼 

You can learn more about both those practices in this YouTube video:

3. For the BIG things like what offer to launch next, should I change my niche, or the really scary question: Should I burn my entire business down to the ground and start over?

Yeah, I did that back in 2020 after years of feeling burnt out by fitness coaching. Even though I knew deep down I didn't want to do it forever...I couldn't get myself to make the shift into what I am doing & loving now.

Until I asked the Universe for a sign to confirm my intuition was correct. It was a simple prayer of "if I am not meant to be doing this work and am currently living outside my soul's purpose, please show me a pink bowling ball (the most random thing I could think of) in 48 hours"....and there it was the next day popping up on my phone. The evidence and nudge I needed to change my career and I am SO GRATEFUL I did!


I know it might sound a little crazy to consult a rock on a string or ask for a random sign from the Universe, but so far my intuition has never lead me astray. Countless times when I felt lost in life she's been my flashlight. And a few times she saved my ass and helped me dodge some metaphorical bullets. I don't know where I'd be without my intuition!

And yours is waiting to help you live your most magical, aligned life too!

Need some help developing this skill so you too can hear the whisper and trust the guidance?

Intuitive: Hear the Whisper, Trust the Guidance Masterclass on developing and strenghtening your inner knowing by Magically Tara Simone

In my NEW Masterclass "Intuitive" you will...

✨ be guided through practices to develop your inner knowingness in less than 5 minutes a day

✨ learn simple hacks to turn up the volume and enhance your connection to your intuition

✨ finally figure out it's preferred way to communicate with you

✨ be able to determine if it is your intuition, anxiety, ego, or procrastination speaking

✨ play fun games to develop your skills even further


But before joining the waitlist to receive your FREE Guided Visualization & 10 Intuition Strengthening Games, I want you to tap into YOUR inner knowingness and decide if this is the correct masterclass for you!

🧘‍♀️ Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in, and center yourself. Put your hands over your heart and ask yourself "is this right for me at this time?" If you feel yourself lean forward, get excited, or a warm sensation in your body, that is a "YES!". Yay! I am so excited for you to experience your intuition even more in this masterclass! Fill out the form to receive more details, early bird pricing, and those freebies!

If you feel yourself pull back, become neutral, or cold sensation that is a "No." Yay for listening to your intuition and trusting it! It may be we are not a good fit, this isn't the right time, or isn't the correct offer of mine for you. That's okay! The right coach, course, book, etc will come your way when it is time!


I hope you found this quick blog helpful and would LOVE to hear how you use your intuition in your business! Leave a comment down below and join Magical Mail at the bottom of this page so you never miss another tip, video, blog, or practice to help you create your most magical life and business!


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