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Best Courses for Online Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 16

The best online courses for spiritual entrepreneurs that teach marketing, selling, and social media by Amanda Frances, Jenna Kutcher, and more female entrepreneurs!

Congrats on starting your online business or taking it to the next level! There is so much to learn and it may get overwhelming so I wanted to share my favorite business courses that I took when I first started that taught me the most. Everything from branding, social media marketing, website design, course creation, and mindset was taught to be by teaches such as Amanda Frances, Andrea Crowder, Jenna Kutcher, and more.

More importantly though, these courses taught me how to find my own way as a spiritual entrepreneur and work in integrity & alignment with my values while still creating sustainable success. I am sure you want the same so here are my FAVORITE courses and what each covers so you can find the next right one for you & your business!

If you have ANY questions about a course mentioned, just email me at to chat!

*this blog contains affiliate links that may result in me receiving a small commission at no cost to you! Thank you for the support


1. Money Mentality Makeover by Amanda Frances aka the BEST course of manifesting money

Sign up for the Money Mentality Makeover course by Amanda Frances the money queenand receive Boss Lady Meditation bonuses here!

I had to put this one first cause I recommend it the most! Most of the other courses I mention below will teach you strategy, but this is all about energy. Learning how to remove your money blocks, manifest abundance, and listen to your intuition will make all the strategy so much easier. This one course alone will change your business (and life).

Is money mentality makeover worth it really work? Read the reviews and enroll in Amanda Frances course here!

The Results? It helped me go from $200 to $2,000 months in business and transformed my mindset around self worth. Life changing to say the least, but don't take my word for it! Read other's experiences (and see if you can find my comment in there!)

This course ONLY opens twice a year so get on the waitlist (& receive free money making bonuses) here:

If you can't wait for next enrollment period of Money Mentality Makeover, you can grab her smaller bundle, Drop the Motherfucking Money Struggle, here. You will also receive a coupon for the cost of the course towards Money Mentality Makeover when it launches! This is how I started off in Amanda's world and manifesting abundance.

2. Course Creation Queen by Amanda Frances

Sign up for Course Creation Queen by Amanda Frances to learn how to create, sell, and host your first online course!

This course was crucial in developing my first course, Manifested It! Not only does Amanda teach the energy behind launching and creating your course, but also the practical of billing, web design, and delivering it. This is a must if you are launching your first course and need help with the logistics. She makes it non-tech people friendly and fun along the way! Not only do you learn the background of setting up your course but also marketing, setting prices, and selling with ease. You can grab it here:

3. Regulate by Andrea Crowder

Regulate your nervous system and stay calm, cool, and collected with Andrea Crowders course Regulate sale!

Being an entrepreneur is NOT for the faint of heart and this course by Andrea will help you melt away the stress, fear, and doubts in ALL areas of your life. These techniques can be applied anything and I use them constantly in my business to stay cool, calm, and centered so I can do my best work! If I could only recommend ONE course from this blog, it would be THIS one! Learn more + enroll here:

Read below to see what others are saying about it:

ps. her other courses 15 Minute Launch Coach & No Doubt in the DMs are also super helpful for entrepreneurs looking to up their sales game in a way that feel in integrity & alignment. Check out both as well her!

4. The Pinterest Lab by Jenna Kutcher

Ready to turn your Pinterest into more blog traffic and sales? The Pinterest Lab by Jenna Kutcher is the course for you and your business!

Love using Pinterest? This course will help you turn a fun late night hobby into traffic for your blog and business. Jenna breaks down each step to turn your Pinterest profitable in this course without making it feel like work.

The Results? She helped me go from 0 monthly views to 300k within a month of implementing her tips. Pinterest is now my highest traffic site to my blog with over 70% view coming from the app on average for free. Highly recommend to anyone with a blog looking for more traffic. Start using your Pinterest for business by enrolling here:

PS. She also has an instagram lab if that is more your jam here:

5. Learn ANYTHING on Udemy!

This online catalog of courses can teach you literally anything from branding to life coaching and even tarot reading for just DOLLARS! They always have crazy introduction deals where you can get courses for 75% off. For example, my accredited EFT Tapping Practitioner course with over 7 hours of training was only $12 to take! No matter what skill you want to learn, this site has it and probably for wayyyy less than most would cost. Start exploring the possibilities here!

Disclaimer though, not all certifications are accredited and these courses are made by individuals who sell through this website. So do a bit of research into the course and the creator before purchasing to ensure you are getting the education you are looking for!


If you sign up for one of these courses, PLEASE let me know so I can support you on your business journey! I offer FREE Solopreneur Support Session for any Amanda Frances or Andrea Crowder course purchase through these links to help you integrate the lessons into your life. Just email me at to set up a call time.

And remember, something magical happens when you invest in yourself. It sends a signal to the universe you are ready for the next level of abundance, fun, and ease! You are always being called to the right thing at the right time. Trust your intuition and know you are being guided to the right course, coach, book, teachers, etc always. Here is to your next level business!


Tara Simone

PS. If you have ANY questions about any of these courses, just email me! I would love to help you pick the perfect one for you or direct you towards another resource to grow your business!

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