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Eco-friendly Beauty Swaps

Eco-friendly beauty swaps that save you money and save the planet like bamboo toothbrushes, safety razors, shampoo bars, and more. If you ever wondered "is eco-friendly more expensive" this blog will help you see the true cost and savings with switching to more sustainable products (and some are even on Amazon!)

With the beauty industry contributing 120 billion units of plastic packaging every year, many are switching to more eco-friendly health and beauty products to do their part in healing the planet. But there's also a belief that is costs more to go eco-friendly! So here are a eco-friendly beauty swaps I have made in my bathroom to save the planet and myself some money!

I even shared on my instagram that I started affirming "The Universe rewards me for helping the planet" because I have saved so much money making the switch and my skin & hair have never been healthier!

Just a friendly reminder, even though these swaps are more eco-friendly that doesn't mean you need to replace all your products today! As your current shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, etc run out, try one of these alternatives one by one and soon your whole vanity will be full of products better for the planet and you!

*this blog contains affiliate links that may result in a small commission for me at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting my small business!

  1. Switch to Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Not only do shampoo and conditioner usually come in plastic bottles and take up tons of space during transportation leading to more gas & emissions, but you are also paying for 80% water!

Instead shampoo and conditioner bars take the water so you only are paying for the ingredients that are good for your hair. Simply rub the bar between your hands in the shower and wash your hair like usual!

I also find using shampoo and conditioner that my hair is healthier with less ingredients. For years I struggled with dandruff and fizzy hair. No matter what products or home remedies I tried nothing helped. A friend recommended Vida Bars and within a week my scalp was flake free!

Also, these magically little bars last longer than most bottled products! I have only needed 3 sets for the ENTIRE year. At $25 a set that is only $75 a year for all your shampoo and conditioner. Plus they are travel friendly so no need to buy mini sizes or worry about TSA taking them.

Since that day I have shared their bars with everyone because they WORK, save me money, are female founded, and eco-friendly! You can check Vida Bars out here (I personally use their Hydrate Set, but you can browse the FAQ to see which are recommended for your hair type) and save 10% with code TaraSimone10.


2. Swap Out Your Dry Shampoo

Even though aerosol cans are recyclable, their ingredients are still dangerous to our thinning ozone layer. I know dry shampoo is a MUST for most woman and luckily I am not telling you to give it up.

Powdered Dry Shampoo works just as well as the canned stuff and have less harmful ingredients! Your scalp is 5-10x more absorbent than the rest of your skin so when it comes to hair care safe ingredients are especially important. This dry shampoo powder from dpHUE has minimal ingredients and is free from Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, and Silicone.

To apply, simply shake powder into hands, rub your hands together to coat them, and finger comb through your hair focusing on the area near the scalp. A little goes a long way and luckily this bottle of powdered dry shampoo has lasted me for months after receiving it in my fabfitfun box compared to my spray dry shampoo that only lasts two weeks if I am lucky.


3. Find Sustainable Skincare Brands

Just like hair care, most of our skin care products come in plastic bottles. Simply swapping to brands that use glass bottles and more sustainable packaging can make a big difference.

Brands like Lush, Pomifera, and these 20 others companies are committed to using eco-friendly packaging and cleaner ingredients. Better for the planet and your skin! Also, once your bottle is empty you can then turn it into one of these 10 different up-cycled glass bottle crafts!

If you don't want to spend a ton on your skin care, but still want amazing results (and you know help heal the planet!), I highly recommend Pomifera. I have been using their Balancing Cleanser and Rose Oil for two months now and my skin texture improved after just ONE WEEK. Many of my acne scars have faded and it is so much easier to stay consistent with my routine when it is only two steps. You can grab both the Cleanser and Oil here or take this 1 minute quiz to find out what skin care system is best for you!


4. Swap Your Tampons for a Period Cup

Don't skip down to the next swap! I promise, period cups aren't gross and don't make your bathroom look like a horror film scene. I had so many doubts before trying them too. Leaks, smells, changing in public, uncomfortable, and I was even worried it would get lost up there.

But after I tried a lena cup for the first time and didn't experience any of that or cramps anymore, I switched from tampons to cups forever. Five years later I am still using these period cups and they save me SO MUCH MONEY.

The average women spends $50 or more every year on menstrual products and this little cup is under $30 and can be used for years with proper care and cleaning. You can learn more about menstrual cups as well as how to use them here!


5. Upgrade Your Dental Care

Let's talk about your dental care! Did you know you will use an average of 300 toothbrushes, 462 tubs of toothpaste, and almost 4,000 yards of floss in a lifetime. These are every day items that are super easy to swap for more sustainable options.

Bamboo toothbrushes are 100% natural and decompose in just a few months compared to plastic that takes 100's of years. Bite toothpaste has removed the water and plastic from their product so you can help save the planet on brush at a time. And lastly, Cocofloss, that tastes delicious by the way, comes in a refillable cartridge to reduce single use plastics or try out one of these other eco-friendly floss brands! If you prefer floss picks, these refillable flossers may be a great swap for you as well.

You can also grab an entire new sustainable dental care kit here that comes with 4 bamboo toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss that is all recyclable or compostable!


6. Reusable Make-up Remover Towel

This swap isn't just eco-friendly, but works better than traditional make-up wipes! All you need is some water and this towel to get off even the toughest mascara or lipstick. When it gets dirty toss it in the wash and you can reuse it for years.

Single use wipes are the third worst polluter in the world with over 20 million wipes thrown away each day! These little wipes that you only use for 10 seconds a day can take a hundred years to break down in landfills. Not to mention, using two wipes a day costs you $145 a year compared to this reusable towel at $20 that does a better job in my opinion.


7. Invest in a Safety Razor

In the 1990's, 2 billion pounds of plastic razors ended up in landfills and sadly that number is only increasing! Not only are these plastic razors bad for the planet, but they also don't give you the best shave and cost you more money. If you shave every other day with disposable razors it can cost up to $100 a year. On the other hand, switching out razor cartridges still costs about $100 and is not that much better for the planet.

If you are looking for the best shave at the lowest cost and environmental impact, switching to safety razors is your best bet. Most safety razors come with metal handles and a few companies like EcoRoots uses all eco-friendly packaging. Their starter kit is under $50 and comes with 15 replacement blades to last you over a year. And when you run out, a new pack of blades comes out to less than $.50 per blade! Did I mention it comes in Rose Gold?

reusable and eco-friendly safety razor by EcoRoots vs disposable razors.


8. Change Your Make-up to Eco-friendly Brands

Recently, the make up industry has had a lot of brands take a stand for less animal testing, more ethical work environments, chemical free, and safer for the planet packaging. There are SO many fabulous eco-friendly options to choose from so here are 14 different brands from the USA, UK, and Australia that are aiming to make the world a less polluted place. You can check out all the sustainable brands here and see which companies values align with yours!


Now I am curious - what would YOU add to this eco-friendly list? As I swap out more and more of my products to better for the planet options, I will update this blog, but I would love to hear from you in the comments what swaps you will make and what else I should add.

As I said at the beginning of this blog, don't rush to go buy a bunch of new stuff because it is eco-friendly. Use what you have and when you finish a product swap it out for a sustainable option. The planet, your wallet, and your body will thank you!


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