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Crystal Must Haves for Beginners

Which crystal is best to start your collection with? These 5 must have crystals are a great place to start for beginner witches. Read more..
Crystals for Beginners

Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine....the list of basic beginner crystals can go on forever and constantly changes with fashion and beauty trends. Instead of following the hype, I am going to give you my top 5 favorite crystals if you have never even touched one (and of course, explain what they do, why they work, and how to use them) These 5 crystals are some of the ones I use on the daily and are multipurpose which is great for anyone starting a collection.

How Crystals Work

Everything has energy! Your body, water, food, clothes, furniture..EVERYTHING is made of cells vibrating at a certain frequency. Crystals all have their own frequencies as well that you can use in your favor. Simply holding one while meditating or tucking one away in your bra for the day can elevate your mood, relieve certain ailments, and raise your vibes. But before you go stuffing your bralette with crystals there are a few important things to know!

How To Use Crystals

1. ALWAYS clear and charge your crystals. Crystal can give you energy, but also hold onto energy. After bringing your pretty crystal home be sure to clear it either by leaving it in the moonlight over night, smudging it with smoke from sage or palo santo, soaking it in salt water (be careful this can damage some) or placing it on a selenite slab. Typically, I leave mine overnight in moonlight or on my selenite slab since it is easiest for me and both these practices simultaneously clears and charges them as well! You can also hold your crystal after clearing and set an intention to charge it.

2. Do not let others handle your crystals. As mentioned above people hold energy that can transfer to your crystals.

3. Follow your intuition. You do not need to know every property of every crystal to use them! My favorite thing is to go into a crystal shop and let my gut be my guide. If I see one I cannot stop looking at, touching, or thinking about, I buy it and THEN I look up the uses and meaning. And guess what?!? It is always exactly what I needed! You can use this crystal test to try it out ->

4. Play around with them. Everyday I choose what crystals to put in my bra or pockets based on how I feel. As you use crystals more you will begin to learn their properties (google literally taught me everything I know) and how they effect you. You can also place crystals around your home, office, ect.

Which Crystals To Try First

I know how overwhelming all the pretty colors are and which one you should get so here are my top 5 suggestions for beginners! But as always, follow your intuition girl.

Which crystal is best to start your collection with? These 5 must have crystals are a great place to start for beginner witches. Read more..
5 Best Crystals

1. Selenite - this one is PERFECT for beginners because it never has be cleared or charged because it does it for itself! Some people call it liquid light since it can cleanse auras, remove negative energy, and raise all your vibes. I love waving a wand of selenite over my body every morning to cleanse my aura and start my day with the right energy.

2. Citrine - this crystal is my bestie. Literally I never go anywhere without it! Citrine is known as the crystal of abundance, but also is super popular for increasing happiness. (money + happiness? YES PLEASE!) I keep a hunk of it in my bra almost 24/7 as well as on my desk during the day and on my phone at night.

3. Rose Quartz - aka the basic bitch of crystals. Everyone loves this crystal but for a good reason - it is the ultimate love crystal! Whether you are in a relationship or just trying to love yourself more, this crystal is for you! I also have a huge piece of it in our bedroom or grab a tumbled stone if tensions are starting to run high.

4. Amethyst - another favorite among beginners because it instantly calms the user and it is absolutely gorgeous. This crystal may also help you connect to your higher self and start your relationship with the divine. I keep two pieces of amethyst on either side of my office door to create a calming field I have to walk through before getting to work.

5. Clear Quartz - This crystal is the most versatile one! You can basically program with any intention or use it to intensify the power of other crystals. It is known as the master healer so feel free to use it 24/7. My clear quartz point is surrounded by abundance crystals, such as citrine, in my office to amplify their power.

All of these are perfect if you are just starting out or want to add a few to your collection! But remember - your gut knows best! Allow yourself to wander a crystal shop and find one your heart resonates with. You will end up leaving with something beautiful and magical!

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