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Best Self Help Books For Young Women Trying To Find Themselves

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Can we be honest babes? Until a year ago I thought self help books were crap....I also thought that about therapy before I needed it. I guess I can be wrong sometimes!

But if you have never read a self help book, trust me, you're missing out! These books and authors have changed who I am as a person in just 10 minutes a day every single day for the past year. I've learned to rewrite my limiting beliefs, chase my dreams, stand up for myself, love who I am, and create a better life for myself!

And now I want to pass that on to YOU!

I created this with my favorite books and a quick description of them so you can decide which is perfect for you to start! And remember - keep an open mind! I was the biggest skeptic once and now I don't go a day without reading at least a page or two!

Tell me below which one you can't wait to read next?!

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