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Barre Blend Workout Program & Badass Barre Babes Bootcamp

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

SCROLL DOWN TO ENROLL! We officially start November 1st, 2021!

Looking for an online barre class that you can do at home on your schedule? Badass Barre Babes is definitely for you! In just 8 weeks you will defy your limits and define your body with Barre Blend Workouts!
Badass Barre Babes - Sign Up Below!

Ever want to try barre classes, but didn't want to pay a ton of money or make a fool out of yourself in front of a bunch of strangers? GIRL SAME! That is why I love Barre Blend workouts! In just 30-45 minutes a day, you can build lean muscle and melt fat with Elise Joan and Tara Simone from the comfort of your own home! This 8 week online barre program will take you from beginner to expert so you can defy your limits and define your body.

The former ballerina in me loved the classic ballet moves mixed with pilates, cardio, and resistance training to create one of the hardest workouts I have ever tried. But don't worry if you aren't familiar with ballet or have a consistent workout routine, this workout is for anyone. Every workout will progress you through the exercises so by day 60 you not only define your body, but feel like a badass barre babe! (We also include at modifier and intensifier so you can customize each workout to your needs)

Every Monday-Friday you will have a new workout 30-45 minute workout that works your entire body with a special focus on a particular muscle groups such as core, legs, booty, and arms as well as cardio intervals. Having short but intense low impact workouts makes it easy to squeeze them in on the busy days and still get a great burn. On the days you have more time, there are 10-15 barre enhancement videos you can add to any workout for a little more challenge. (I personally love the added booty work!)

Of course, we are going to challenge you away from the barre as well using affirmation cards, meditations and journal prompts to grow your confidence and transform your mindset. Personal growth is something I believe is needed right alongside fitness. In my experience, you can transform your body all you want and still be unhappy until you focus on the inner work. Luckily, this program does a beautiful job of combining the mental and physical health.

Barre Blend Workout from Elise Joan and Beachbody
Badass Barre Babes What's Included - Sign Up Below!

Lastly, we will focus on nutrition to have you feeling good from the inside. Don't worry - you can still eat your favorite foods because life is about balance at the barre and in the kitchen. With over 300 recipes you will never get bored and there is always additional nutrition programs you can utilize such as 2B mindset which is what I follow. We also include 30 days of Shakeology Superfood shakes to close any gaps in your nutrition and help balance your hormones with ingredients like probiotics, fiber, pea protein, matcha, and other superfoods. Shakeology combined with the nutrition guides and our barre blend program guarantees results in the first 30 days or your money back!

Just look at these amazing transformations below! I cannot wait to see yours in 60 days.

Barre Blend Results and Before and Afters
Badass Barre Babes Success Stories - Sign Up Below!

These woman transformed their bodies and mindset in just 45 minutes from home in 8 weeks using only a chair, 1-5lb dumbbells, and wifi! I know you are so ready to defy your limits and define your body, but before you join us, let's try a barre workout together! Click the link below to try a sample from Barre Blend!

After you try the workout, check out the packages below to decide which one is right for you! There are some as low as $15/month when you divide the one time yearly fee and that includes access to over 1,000 workouts on demand so after you are done with Badass Barre Babes you can try something new and keep seeing progress.

If you have any questions, simply email tarasimonefit@gmail! Our first group starts November 2nd right in time for the holidays. My personal favorite package is the BEST VALUE since it includes Shakeology, my favorite preworkout, collagen for gorgeous skin, Beachbars for an on the go healthy snack, 2B Mindset Nutrition program and my course Elevate Yourself (& Health)!

Purchase Your Package directly HERE:

I cannot wait to do this program alongside you, Elise Joan, and all the ladies in the Vitality Virtual Fit Studio everyday! We are going to sweat, burn, tone, and define your body (and mind) in the next 60 days. I cannot wait to see you at the barre!

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