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5 Reasons to Use Grove Collaboration

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Trying to decide if Grove Collaboration is right for you? Click here to read the 5 things you need to know first!

I'll be honest...I've TONS of ads for Grove, prefer chemical free cleaning, and LOVE a good deal, but for some reason it took me this long to finally get my first Grove Box! And I am IN LOVE! So in love I might ACTUALLY do some cleaning! (yup, the girl who hardly cleans and lets dishes pile up in the sink for days loves a cleaning supply company...don't judge)

So why do I love them so much?!

1. All natural, eco friendly, not tested on animal products

(try saying that 5 times fast!) Each Grove product is selected based on a long list of criteria:


Ingredient transparency

Plant-based formulas

100% cruelty-free

Ethical supply chains

Sustainable materials

Meaning when you buy from Grove you do not have to double check the products and simply shop with ease knowing what you are getting is safe for you, your family, your pets, and the environment!


2. FREE stuff!

Want a free Mrs. Meyers set and more all natural cleaning products? Check this out for all the deets!

aka the way to my heart! Grove rewards you with full size gifts each quarter if you are a VIP member and order monthly as well as FREE 2 day shipping! VIP is only $19.99/year and you can get a 60 day free trial as well as a FREE Mrs. Meyers set by purchasing $20 of ANYTHING!

(and when you sign up you get a special code like that too to send to your friends as well as $10 credit every time one of them signs up! Win-win for everyone!)

They also included their adorable cleaning caddy and a few other surprises too! In total my cart was $67.79 with all the freebies, but I only paid $20 for it all!


3. Autoshipment and constant reminders

I cannot tell you how many times I jokingly tell my girlfriend to steal toilet paper from the hospital she works at because we are out...again! It happens far to often that I end up at RiteAid down the street for toilet paper and other random things I clearly forget because I am still mastering adulting.

Luckily, Grove has an autoshipment offer so every month regardless if I am on my adulting game or not, Grove has my back with toilet paper, tampons, paper towels, and all that other stuff you forgot to get at the grocery store!

They also send an email AND text reminder so you never get a shipment or product sent to you (or charged for) without notification! You can also easily skip a shipment or alter an order right from their site!


4. Their Customer Service is NEXT LEVEL

Should you use Grove Collaboration? If you are looking for all natural cleaning products then yes! Click her for my 5 things to know before using Grove!

Story time! I ordered my $20 worth of products and got my confirmation email with all the freebies in it when I noticed the free cleaning caddy was a different color than what I wanted.

I contacted them through their online chat and got a message the next day from my Grove Guide Kim (sounds way friendly than customer service right?!) saying they could not change the color of the caddy since it was already processed, but they offered me a $5 credit towards my next order!

So let's get this straight...they send me a free gift, I picked the wrong color, and they gave me a credit on it?! THANK YOU KIM!


5. Their Happiness Guarantee

Again...can we clap for Grove's customer service?!?! If you do not love a product for any reason you can return it at anytime AND they send you free return label!

WHAT?! How many companies do you know that accepts returns AND pays the shipping?!? This takes the stress away from trying new products especially if you are newbies to the whole all natural thing like us!


As you can see I am a Grove Lifer now! (I even double checked to see if they had an affiliate program or any job openings cause I love what they stand for so much!

If you have been seeing all the ads, thinking about it forever, and wanting to go for it- GIRL, DO IT! (also have I mentioned ALL the freebies?!?! Seriously in love!)

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