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Team Vitality

...for the woman ready to uplevel her life and

inspire others along the way!

My Story

Since I was 19, I have been on my own. I would stay up at night crunching the numbers figuring out how I would pay rent, pay for my tuition, and just survive. My depression hit a high and I felt like I had no one in my corner supporting me. At the same time, I realized I did not want to be a dietitian and my nutrition degree would be worthless.

So I was broke, scared, hopeless, and on the verge of giving up on life until I found my mentor. I was scrolling through Instagram one night and came cross her profile and just saw her smile and how much she loved life. I craved her lifestyle so I asked her "what is it that is allowing you to live your dream life?"

She shared the opportunity with me to become an online health & lifestyle  coach just like her and I jumped in with both feet. Now I am no longer broke or worried about what I'll do after college. I have that dream life I imagined where I do what I want every day and help others live more fulfilling lives.

That is why I created Team Vitality. I wanted to help women do exactly what I do and live their best life. No formal education or six pack required. You just need to be dedicated and ready to learn! I teach EVERYTHANG in my Elevate Yourself (& Income) Course.

How to join Team Vitality:

1. Click "Learn More"

2. Read the page and watch the video

3. Apply if you know this your next right step

4. Start thinking of all the lives you can change (including your own)  and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours!

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