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23 Things I Learned by 23

I can no longer sing "I'm feeling 22" along with Taylor Swift sadly because today is my birthday! (and a full moon! Totally a sign something magical is going to happen today). So as I was releasing old patterns and blocks with the full moon last night and reflecting on this past year of life, I started to think of all the things the hard lessons, and a few easy ones, I was taught. My hope is by sharing them, you can learn a new perspective as well and learn the lesson in a more graceful way!

Since it is my 23rd birthday I wanted to share the biggest life lesson, life hacks, and life quotes that I learned this past year. These are tips every millennial women needs to know and may just change your life. I share my best fitness tips, financial tips, friend tips, and even a few other random ones as well. Read them all here!

1. You have all the answers within you. So many of my clients or even friends on Instagram are looking for a coach to give them the answers in this life. But the reality is you don't need a coach, mentor, or a new training to find the answer. They definitely can help make it easier to find within in since they hold an outsider perspective, but you already know the answer.

2. Trust your intuition! She knows her sh*t. SO many times I didn't listen to my gut and ended up paying for it. I listened to their words instead of their vibes, which always speak louder. Trust your gut and be unapologetic about it!

3. Don't be afraid to be a b*tch! My first job was in a retail store so my mindset was "the customer is always right", but really YOU are always right! You know what is right for you and if someone cannot respect that tell them with love the eat a d*ck! (Obviously you can be a lot nicer than seriously don't be a human doormat)

4. Learn to say "no" as a complete sentence. We, especially women, want to please everyone and guess what?! You cannot please everyone and in trying to do so you will never please yourself. Learning to say "no" without adding the why behind it gives you back your power. You do not owe anyone an explanation. To help you decide what to say "yes" and "no" to try my new mantra: "if it is not a HELL YES! than its a no"

5. Everything is working out in your favor. Yup, EVERYTHING! Even when it looks like the world is falling apart and nothing is going your way. There is always an important lesson in there trying to teach you something so you can get to your next level. Meditate, ask for guidance, and just focus on your next right step.

6. Go see a chiropractor! I spent years with back pain cause everyone said "once you go once you have to go weekly forever to feel good all the time" LIES. I only go once a month now (at the beginning I did go weekly because of the intense pain of realigning my back), my back pain is nonexistent after 10 years of pain, and I can finally lift weights and pick up my dog again. Worth it!

7. Friends come and go for the better. Just because you were besties in highschool doesn't mean you have to be now. The right people will always fight to be in your life and it is okay to grow apart. Bless and release them.

8. Personal development is KEY to happiness! For years I thought self help books where stupid and for weak people...I was wrong. They have changed my life and I do not go a single day without reading or listening to something that will better my mindset. Check out this blog for a list of my favorite ones!

9. If you're not growing, you're dying. In life you are either moving forward or backwards, there is no staying still. Once I realized this I stopped waiting for tomorrow and did the damn thing now! Growth equals happiness so if you want to truly be happy, start challenging yourself and stop trying to stay still.

10. Take care of your skin! For years I never wore sunscreen, had a good skin care routine, or paid attention to what I put on my body. Did you know it only takes 27 seconds for anything on your skin to absorb into your bloodstream?? Start investing in better lotions, skin care, soap, shampoo, makeup, everything! See my favorite products here!

Another year, another chance to grow. My 23rd birthday is a tad bitter sweet, but I wanted to share my best tips, life hacks, and lessons learned this year in hopes you learn something from my mistakes! See all the tips here!

11. Dogs truly rescue you. Being a dog mom has taught me more patience than I thought possible as well as love. Nala is my daily reminder to treat everyone like a friend and there is always time to slow down and cuddle.

12. To-do lists are vital to success. Every single day I have a to-do list and do not sleep until I check everything off. Sounds a little crazy, but my business has moved forward dramatically just by keeping a list. Easy af to do and makes all the difference!

13. You have to give to receive. Anything in this world that you want more of - money, love, sex, - can be received by giving more of it! Giving is a sign to the universe you have more than enough to go around and that you are open to receiving so you can do more good. It's like that country song that says "I've never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch!". You can't take it all with you anyways, so might as well share right?

14. Drink your water. I could make a whole blog about water and it's benefits, but you probably already know. The issue is there is a big difference between knowing and doing! So go buy a cute water bottle and start chugging! You'll thank me when you are 70 with glowing skin.

15. Stop over smoothing your face. This isn't one I've done personally, but I have seen sooo many people go apesh*t with the smoother tool for their pics and guess what? WE CAN ALL TELL. Instead let's all be real and show our imperfections instead of perpetuating unachievable standards on the next generation.

16. Invest in your health! I could scream this from the roof tops daily. I had too much ego for years to invest in a trainer and held myself back. Investing $160 into a coach and workout program CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER and is worth 10x that investment. Stop lying to yourself saying you can do it on your own and leave your ego at the door. You will thank me when you have the best transformation of your life!

17. Judgement shows you your true desires. Are you jealous or angry at some girl online cause she has this, that, and the other? GOOD! Your jealously that you're hiding with anger and judgement is a sign for what you want.

18. Clap for her! To piggy back off the last one, if you want what someone else has celebrate it for them! Being mad at them or making excuses of how they got there won't help you achieve it. It actually does the opposite cause you're telling the universe "I don't want that". If you want to manifest anything in this life, find a person that already has it and be their number one fan!

19. Start meditating! I don't know how I went 21 years without meditating. I have learned more about myself in the past year of having a consistent morning meditation practice than I did all 21 years before that combined. For help starting your own practice, check out this blog!

20. Remember that there is a real person behind every social media account. I cannot tell you how many people have called me a scammer because I run a successful network marketing business, b*tch cause I am unapologetically me, cursed me out because I didn't let them on my team, or left a rude comment on my posts. These people wouldn't dare say it to my face, but online they get cocky behind a keyboard. Also learn to bless and release people. Their opinion of me is none of my concern and says more about them than me. But still, be nice!

Ready for the biggest letter I've ever written to myself? I share it ALL! Life hacks, life lessons, and life quotes I learned by my 23rd birthday that helped me become the women I am today! (Read number 13 if you are trying to drastically change your life!)

21. Charcoal toothpaste is a miracle worker. Seriously I cannot recommend this stuff enough. My teeth have never been whiter or healthier! (this one is my favorite!)Even my mom said that and she's the head professor of dental hygiene at the best program in New Jersey. (Yeah I take after her being a boss ass b*tch in charge!)

22. You're allowed to change your mind. At any point in life you get the decide how this life works for you even if that is different than what you said two minutes ago. Changing your mind, having new beliefs, and disagreeing with your past self shows your growing. And remember: growth = happiness

23. Allow people to support you. After going through hell in my last relationship, I promised I would never be dependent on anyone else again. I fought it for almost two years before allowing Sasha to fully and completely support me and my dreams. Take the love & support girl. You don't have to do this on your own!

I could honestly keep going, but I think those are the most important things I learned this year! Now I want to hear from YOU! Screenshot this blog and tag me over on Instagram @tarasimone_fit with the biggest lesson you learned this past year!

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