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Manifested It! The Journal has every question you need to start thinking, feeling, and acting like the version of YOU who has it all! Inside is over 30 pages of journal prompts, affirmations, visualizations, daily practices, and tips that make manifesting as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

No more guessing, hoping, and hustling to achieve your's time to think, feel, and act like you already have so you can receive it all!


Manifested It! The Journal by Magically Tara Simone
4 Steps to Manifesting - Manifested It! The Course
Manifestation Journal for Beginners
Manifested It the Journal by Tara Simone

Access your digital journal below for only $11.11 or enroll in Manifested It! The Course to receive it for free!

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by purchasing you agree to the terms & conditions and disclaimer that can be read here.

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