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Magically Fit Studio

with Tara Simone

where achieving your health and wellness goals

is so easy it almost feels like magic!

Are you tired of starting over?

Does every new diet and fitness trend sound too good to be true?

Do you think "I'll just never be that type of person?"

How many times have you said "I'll start on Monday" but never stick to it?

GIRL, I feel you.

That was my reality for years.


I jumped from one fad diet to the next hoping to find something to give me the results I wanted...


...but I couldn't stick to anything.


Calories counting, macro tracking, hour long workouts, weighing my food, low carb, tons of carido...I tried it ALL.


And failed at it all.


I began to give up hope that I would ever find my version of a healthy lifestyle that still allowed me to live my life.


And then I found THIS!

In the same amount of time it took to drive to the gym, I was able to be sweating head to toe in a sports bra from the comfort of my own home?!?


No more fumbling around with machines.
No more waiting for the piece of cardio equipment.
No more fighting someone for a parking space.
No more stuck in traffic and cutting my workout in half.
No more creepy guys starting at me in the squat rack.
No more wasting $20 month at the gym for no results.
No more wondering if the fitness influencers are giving me the full workout.

FINALLY, I was getting results!

All from home in just 30 minutes a day.

I knew this was a game changer. I knew this was transforming my life and I had to share it.

When I created Magically Fit Studio, I had a particular women in mind:

She was frustrated with her body and not sure what she was doing wrong.

She wanted to feel confident and be healthier, but doesn't have tons of time to waste.

She desired to live a better life, but felt stuck af in her old patterns.

She needs some fast, simple, and FUN!

She was me. She was my sister. She was my mom.

I wanted to help as many women as possible become their highest self without wasting tons of time and money at the gym or in the kitchen.

I wanted them to be able to get in an amazing workout AND enjoy life.

I wanted them to feel incredible AND have time for what makes them happy.

I wanted them to become their highest self AND embrace this new life they created for themselves.

This is SO MUCH more than a workout is a way of life. is a new way of thinking, seeing, believing, and breathing.


What's Included

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