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I wasn't taught emotional regulation as a kid. The only coping skills modeled to me where drinking it away or keeping quiet to keep the peace.

As an adult I had to teach myself how to deal with grief, anger, jealously, and all the BIG emotions especially being a cancer moon (if you know, you know lol) 

Honestly, for a long time I felt behind in life because I was using so much energy to deal with my feelings. Sadness would linger for days and anxiety would stop me in my tracks constantly.

Maybe you have been struggling with the same?

In this NEW offer, we are going to create your own emotional toolbox overflowing with techniques you can lean on to explore, transmute, and also feel ALL your emotions - uplifting and uncomfy. 

Truthfully, our emotions are here to guide us through life, not suck the fun out of it. Together we are going to learn how to listen to their guidance and shift them back to neutral so you can actually take their advice & keep living life!

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