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Urges to Binge



  1. Journal out any cravings you have

  2. Try EFT Tapping for cravings

  3. Meditate when it feels good

  4. Try a few new coping skills 

  5. Be gentle with yourself.


  • I am the master of my body

  • This too shall pass

  • I love my body and only fill it with good things

  • I am beautiful, lovable, happy and healthy

  • Everyday I do my best and accept myself   without judgement

  • Moment to moment I choose glowing health

  • Everyday I am getting stronger and healthier

  • I respect myself and my body

  • I release old eating habits and replace             them with healthy choices

  • I intentionally use my tools to help myself heal from disordered eating patterns

  • I love myself enough to heal

  • My cravings are not in control of my actions

  • I can eat this another day

  • I let go of the past and create a new healthy future in this present moment


You are amazing, beautiful, and strong af for doing this work. I believe in you. You cannot eff this up. Keep trying. Keep going. Come back to this module as much as you need to. Do not compare your journey to anyone else’s. This is your path to love and health. You will get there. We all struggle. We all have moments of weakness. You are not a failure for giving in - you are human. And you are still lovable and good enough regardless of where you are on this journey. Forgive yourself for the past, remain centered in the present, and manifest your future. I believe in you and I am so proud you are doing this work.

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