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Manifested It! Module 4 - Receive It!

Updated: Feb 16

Manifested It! The Course Module 4 Receive it by Magically Tara Simone- the BEST manifestation course for beginners

RECEIVE IT! This is the module you have been waiting for - how to allow in your desires with ease and fun! You have been doing all this work to think, feel, and act like you already manifested it, but now it’s time to surrender and relax it so it can flow into your reality! As always, begin with the video training before diving into the homework, journal prompts, and affirmations that go along with this module.

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Already enrolled looking to access this module? Click the 3 bars at the top right of your screen > scroll down to "Manifested It! The Course" > click the down arrow to access the "log in" page and get started on this module!

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