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Magically Tara Simone Life Coach for Spiritual and Creative Entrepreneurs Head Shot

Hey there!

I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and EFT Tapping practitioner with 5+ years experience supporting entrepreneurs and creatives growing their income, impact, and influence while still being intentional with their time & energy. In short, if you desire a successful business AND a slow life, you're in the right place!

Here's what I see for you...slow mornings 🌤 filled with self care, afternoons pouring your heart ❤️ into your work, weekend's enjoying time with friends & indulging in your other passions🪴👩🏼‍🍳🎨. All while your business continues to serve your clients & community! Sound like the dream? Let's make it a reality!

All my work whether it is in private coaching, intensive sessions, or courses is a combination of strategy and energy. I believe when we take practical, actionable steps towards our goals plus sprinkle a bit of manifestation & mindset work in there true MAGIC happens!

.My intention? To boost your creativity, productivity, intuition, and motivation so you keep showing up for your clients and community! To ask right questions to lead you back to your own inner truth and find the answers within. To help you grow your income, impact, and influence in less time so you can live a more slow, intentional life!

My top priority is always to create a safe space for my clients to dream big and heal deeply as well as receive the support and resources needed to create the life & business they desire.
Tara Simone, founder of Magically Tara Simone LLC, meditating on a pink coach in her home office

Let's Hangout More!

Daily Life

Connect with me daily on Instagram for mindset hacks, manifestation tips, and life in Vermont with my wife & pup! Also check out my Youtube for FREE weekly EFT Tap-A-Longs!

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The Blog

Looking for more?! The blog has deeper explanations and more tips than I can fit on social media. Read and discover yourself more at the link below!

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