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Hey there!

I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and EFT Tapping practitioner with 5+ years experience supporting entrepreneurs and creatives manifesting a life (& business) in alignment with their own version of success while finding more fulfillment & fun along the way! 

I am still working on this too...every day I am using the tools I teach such as visualization, journaling, and Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping to shift my thoughts, regulate my emotions, and embody better habits in order to keep growing my income & impact! Now it's your turn to experience the magic of combining strategic action with energetic practices to create your most abundant business while living your most intentional life!
All my work whether it is in private coaching, intensive sessions, or courses is from a love based approach. ❤️ That means there is zero judgment or shame during our time together from me and I will guide you to see yourself in the same way.

But having a love based approach also means I will also give you some tough love when needed and call you out on your sh*t. 💥 You are picking me as your coach because you want to grow and manifest your goals in life & business...sometimes that means getting real with yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone!

My top priority is always to create a safe space for my clients to dream big and heal deeply as well as receive the support and resources needed to create the life & business they desire.

Let's Hangout More!

Daily Life

Connect with me daily on Instagram for mindset hacks, manifestation tips, and life in Vermont with my wife & pup! Also check out my Youtube for FREE weekly EFT Tap-A-Longs!

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The Blog

Looking for more?! The blog has deeper explanations and more tips than I can fit on social media. Read and discover yourself more at the link below!

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