"Manifesting your happily ever after is as simple as thinking, feeling, and acting like that version of you now. Let's make that easy and fun together!"

Meet Tara

Your spiritual bestie here to help you feel good inside and out so you can manifest the life of your dreams! 

My love for personal growth started years ago in high school when I feel in love with fitness. It was my escape and helped me through some really tough days of growing up gay in a religious community. 

After coming out life seemed to get harder and harder. I started to believe happiness just wasn't in the cards for me. My thoughts started to get the best of me so I began seeing a therapist, working out again, and reading self help books.

That is when I found manifestation and my whole life changed....

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Daily Life

Connect with me daily online for healthy hacks, manifestation tips, life in Vermont with my girlfriend & pup as well as a spiritual kick in the ass once in a while!

Workout with me

After gaining 15lbs, I struggled to lose it on my own. Even with a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, I couldn't seem to make any progress because of my eating habits & relationship with food.


It wasn't until I found a community that held me accountable that I started to see results. I didn't just look amazing, but felt amazing without wasting hours in the gym or kitchen!

That is why I created a similar online community for you or anyone looking for a restrictive or obsessive approach to fitness and nutrition so you can truly live a healthy lifestyle physically & mentally.

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Work with me

Ready to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams? 

Even better than that I am going to help you fall deeply in love with where you are right now, release your limiting beliefs about your potential, and remember your worth.

This is just the beginning and I cannot wait to see what you manifest into your reality!


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