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Healthier French Toast!

OMG. I am about to CHANGE your life! French toast is a favorite of mine, but when I started switching to healthier options I thought I lost it forever...until I stumbled upon this! All the taste of french toast with less calories and sugar and it is SUPER EASY to make!

I have basically been eating this every Sunday since I figured out the perfect recipe. More protein with less sugar means it is self love meal plan approved!

BTW have you heard about that?!?! Happy BOD Babes is switching to a more empowering way of eating and controlling our emotions! Our focus has shifted to how we want to use food to raise our vibrations and show our bodies more love.

For me personally that means less refined sugar and dairy since my body does not thrive on those foods. I have also started incorporating more mindful practices when I eat so I am fully present in the moment and enjoy every bite!

Try it yourself! Next time you go to eat ask yourself "how I can eat to show my body love?". This simple question causes you to pause for a second and think about how grateful you are for all your body does and how you would like to thank it!

For more details on Happy BOD Babes, click here!



French Toast:

2 Slices Whole Wheat Toast

3 TBSP of Almond Milk

1/4 Cup Egg Whites

1 TSP of Vanilla Extract

Dash of Cinnamon


1 TBSP Strawberry Jelly

2 TBSP Greek Yogurt

4 Sliced Strawberries


Heat a medium sized pan with a small amount of cooking spray on medium heat. Combine all the wet ingredients for the french toast and soak each slice of bread for 2 minutes on each side. Cook each piece for 6 minutes total, 3 minutes on each side. While cooking the french toast combine the jelly and greek yogurt. Once the french toast is golden brown remove from heat, cut in half, and spread filling on one half. Sandwich the halves together and garnish with strawberries, powdered sugar, honey, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, or whatever else. Enjoy!