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This masterclass has been a long time coming...


I have been learning, applying, & teaching manifestation for over 5 YEARS now and have seen soooo much bullsh*t on the internet making it feel impossible.


There are so many misconceptions like...

❌ "you have to be high vibe 24/7" (LIES)

❌ "you need to write your desires 55x for 5 days" or some other arbitrary ritual (LIES)

❌ "no action is required and your goals will just drop out of the sky with enough energetic work" (LIES!)


I know first hand how frustrating it is to see others manifest their desires and believe it is possible...but have no idea how to actually do it.


So in this masterclass I am going to bust through 5 of the MOST COMMON myths using some of my own personal experiences, client stories, and a bit of science!


PLUS share with you 3 pieces of scientific proof that manifestation is REAL and can work for anyone!

Join the waitlist for more details + EXCLUSIVE early access pricing February 23rd-25th! 

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