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EFF FOOD-6.png
EFF FOOD-6.png

Do you wake up most morning feeling guilty and bloated from what you binged the night before?


Do you ever think about all that you hate about your body while you’re trying to be intimate with your partner?


Do you stare and pinch at your body in the mirror when getting ready for the day?


Do you waste time trying on different outfits because nothing makes you feel confident?


Do you feel that every diet has failed you and you’ll never find a solution?

I told myself I just “haven’t found the right diet” or “I need more willpower”...


....before trying the next fad, giving into the cravings, binging everything I can find, feeling guilty for hours, and quitting yet again.


Sound familiar? This was my reality for six years.


There was so much shame around food that I never reached out for help and struggled in silence.

It was time for a change….time for something new.


I made a promise that if I figured how to heal my relationship with food and lose the weight I would share all I learned…

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When I made this course, I had a particular woman in mind:

She knows food was controlling her, but not sure how to take back her life


She wants to make a positive change, but feels powerless and alone


She wishes this addiction would just disappear and is ready to try something else


She was me. My soul sisters. My clients.


You don’t need another diet


You don’t need some fat burner or magic pill


You don’t need more willpower


You don’t need a lock on the cabinet


You don’t need some complicated healing process


You already have all the answers inside you.


Imagine being able to eat just one bite of dessert and not binge on all of it.


Imagine how amazing it will feel to be glowing each morning and not focusing on your weight, body, or appearance.


Imagine having sex and focusing on your partner, not your stomach.


Imagine healthy eating being natural not forced.


Imagine a life where food is part of it, not all of it.



EFF Food will combine the practical and spiritual practices I used to heal my food past, overcome addictive habits, and find emotional freedom

from food.


Using simple spiritual practices...


...such as EFT Tapping, meditation, and journaling... 


...and a few practical tips we will uncover what needs to heal and how to prevent triggers so you can find true freedom from food.


These are the same tools I used to overcome emotional eating and finally feel in control of my relationship with food.




How To Stop A Binge In Under 10 Minutes

Why Binges Occur In The First place

How To Heal Your Complicated Past With Food

What To Do After A Binge

How To Forgive and Be Gentle With Yourself

Healthy Food Habits and Mindset

How To Avoid A Relapse

Tips For Long Lasting Success

...all from home. In as little as 10 minutes a day. Without any willpower, shame, or magic pill.





5 modules of inspired content to help you find food freedom in under 10 minutes a day

Journal prompts to dig deeper into the concepts

EFT Tap along videos to remove energy blocks and heal the past

Meditations to manifest your highest, free self 


EFT Tap along for Active Binges

Coping Skills Quick Sheet

Affirmations for Healthy Weight

Hi there! I am Tara Simone, fitness coach, business mentor, dog mom, high vibe queen, and emotional eater….at least I was.


Since highschool I can remember sneaking down to the kitchen each night or waiting til I was alone to eat everything in sight. 

Over the years I have tried every diet, fad, trick, tip, and hack out there to control my emotional eating. Sometimes I wished I could just lock the cabinets at night and cut off the fat my stomach accumulated from countless nights of binging.


I was ashamed. I was hopeless. I was desperate. I was ready for change.


These past six months I have become determined to find a way to heal my relationship with food so I can enjoy it and my life without stressing about my addiction.


After six years of struggling in silence, lots of books and podcasts, every tip tried, I have finally found what worked for me - combining the spiritual and practical.


I have been living and breathing the tools I teach in this course on my own journey. Each day I am learning and sharing how I heal and repair this fragile relationship with you.


When I am not teaching online courses or coaching my team of influencers, you can find me obsessing over my dog, anything from Tjmaxx, all things Disney, and any show on HGTV. I spend my days focusing on manifesting my highest self while remaining present in all I have to be grateful for.


How long is the course? This course is a self study so feel free to take it at your own pace and in any order. There are six modules that you have instant access to, but typically it takes a couple days to implement all the processes taught in each module. You have access to its content forever and can repeat this course as needed.

What if I am not currently struggling with food? In my experience, everyone has a relationship with food that could use improvement. Whether you just occasionally overeat or binge daily, this course is for you.

What if I am not religious? Me either! I say spiritual in terms of the non-physical world. Feel free to insert God/Source/Universe/Ect. There is no religion talk in this course.

What if I follow ____ diet or have food restrictions? Totally fine! This course is not about food, it is about your mindset. These principles will apply to any way of eating, dietary or religious restrictions, and lifestyle.

Is there a refund policy? Due to the educational nature of this course, no refunds can be given. But I have never had anyone ask for a refund :)

What if this doesn’t work for me? You work it til it works. This is not a diet or 12 step program. This is a new way of living and breathing. You cannot mess this up love.

How do I get started? Hit the button below and fill out the information. You will receive instant access to the course, workbooks, and bonuses!

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*if you are enrolling now, do so intentionally af. Make a decision, set the intention of what this moment means to you, and do the damn thing. So proud of you and so honored to serve you.

*by enrolling in the course, you agree to our Terms & Conditions

Massive love,

                Tara Simone

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